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Announcing Our Google Calendar Sync Extension!

Google Calendar Sync Extension


Send Call, Text and Email Appointment Reminders from Google Calendar!!

The AppointmentReminders.com Google Extension provides links and support for syncing your Google Calendar as well as providing a TAG creator to easily sync events.

Add the TAGs that you create with this extension to your calendar title or description. You can easily link your Google Calendar to our appointment reminder service.

Once you set up the linking, everything is done through your Google Calendar. Send Call, Text, or Email Appointment Reminders to your patients or customers using our automated reminder system.

TAG Creator

What's a Google Calendar TAG?

A “Calendar Tag” is simply some keywords that are added between the triangular brackets “<” and “>” and must exist in your calendars event title or description.  You can have other text in the title or description as well.  We only read the text between the brackets.

Example #1 : The minimal amount of info we need!

<Mark Johnson 3031234567>
At a minimum, we need First Name+Last Name+Phone Number. It will add a customer named Mark Johnson into your customer list, set his Primary Phone Number as 3031234567, and send him a your default reminder (set up in the “Reminder Types” page).

See this posting for more info!

How to use the Google Extension Tag Creator
Google Calendar Sync Extension Icon


  1. Type in the following info
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone Number
    • Outreach Type (Call, Text, or Email)
  2. Then Press “Create Tag”
  3. It will create a TAG for you that you can place into the title or description of your Google Calendar Event (e.g. <Text Joe Smith 3035551212 >)
Google Calendar Extension TAG Creator

Additional Resources

Click on the Additional Resources TAB for links to help documentation

Google Calendar Extension - Additional Resources
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