Created by Cigna, known as Cigna’s TV Doctors of America, you will want to take advantage of this one! Forget to make your annual checkup appointment again? Don’t worry, just have a TV doctor call to remind you. Here’s how it works:

How do you get people to take action? You ask a celebrity to call them

According to the VP of global branding at Cigna, they were looking for a creative way to get people to take the action and actually call their doctors to set up their annual check-ups. They came up with the Cigna’s TV Doctors of America, in an effort to create a fun way for you to page a doctor.

The best part is, anyone can do it

You don’t even have to be a member of Cigna. Anyone can call the hotline, essentially setting a reminder to make an appointment. One of the actor call back a month later reminding you to make your appointment and a message about the importance of preventative care. You won’t know who is going to call you until you get the call.

Okay so basically it’s like getting a page, but still, from a celebrity doctor

The idea itself is pretty simple. It’s basically getting a page from a celebrity with a reminder and a message. Can you pick up the phone at the same time to call your doctor and make the appointment? Of course you can, but where’ the fun in that!

While won’t be calling you from a celebrity number, we will do much more. Using appointment reminders, you can set a reminder for yourself about the appointment, ask your doctor to use our program to send you a text reminder, and so much more. Making your annual check-up appointment is great, but remembering the appointment can be challenging. Sign up for our free trial now!

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