Facebook, which owns Instagram, is launching a new feature that would allow you to manage customer information. This includes customer information, accept and appointments and send appointment reminders through the two social media platforms. But is this a good appointment reminder tool for your business? We’ll go into the tool and what you can expect in more detail below.

How it works

The new social media CRM tool will allow your small business with an Instagram business profile and a connected Facebook page to enable new and existing customers to book services with your business. So, for example, if you share a great travel photo on your Facebook or Instagram account, potential clients who feel inspired to book a trip will be able to navigate to your Facebook or Instagram profile and schedule an appointment to book with you on the spot. However, you will have to manage your own availability through this new tool.

Social media combined with a CRM is not powerful

You may believe social media combined with customer relations management is a powerful tool. We don’t believe that will be the case. Social media was made as a communication tool between groups and connections. Business tools and features soon after became a predominant tool for social platforms. But now social media owners claim they want to push social media back to its roots. They will do this by using your personal news feed to emphasize your existing connections. So how will this work if they integrate CRM tools as well? Will this result in a strong, new appointment reminder tool?

Stick to the specialties

It’s hard to beat specialty businesses. For example, would you take your car to a body shop if all you needed was an oil change? We sure wouldn’t recommend it. Businesses like appointmentreminders.com have experience in everything you need to successfully manage your customer database, incoming appointments and much more. Start by signing up for a free 30-day trial with appointmentreminders.com.

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