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Event Reminders

How do you get people to show up to your event? By sending them reminders of course!

Event Reminders
Event Reminders

The primary reason for low attendance at events is often poor communication. Lack of awareness is a significant factor; if potential attendees are not well-informed about the event’s purpose or details, they are unlikely to attend. Additionally, insufficient reminders play a crucial role. Without adequate reminders, people may forget about the event or fail to prioritize it amidst their other commitments. Effective promotion and timely reminders are essential to ensuring better attendance and engagement.

Why are Event Reminders Important?

Why are Event Reminders Important

Sending out reminders for events is important for several reasons:

  • Improves Attendance: Reminders help ensure that attendees remember the event and show up on time. This is especially crucial for events planned well in advance.

  • Reduces No-Shows: People often forget about commitments due to their busy schedules. Reminders act as a prompt, reducing the likelihood of no-shows.

  • Enhances Preparation: Attendees are better prepared when reminded about the event. They can plan their schedules accordingly and make necessary arrangements.

  • Increases Engagement: Regular reminders can build anticipation and engagement, making attendees more excited and involved in the event.

  • Provides Updates: Reminders can include any last-minute changes or important updates about the event, ensuring everyone has the most current information.

  • Demonstrates Professionalism: Sending reminders shows that the event organizers are organized and considerate of attendees’ time, enhancing the overall reputation of the event and its hosts.

What Types of Events Can Benefit from Reminders?

Reminders can benefit a wide range of events, ensuring better attendance and engagement. Some types of events that particularly benefit from reminders include:

By sending out event reminders, organizers can significantly enhance participation and ensure the success of their events.

Event Reminders for Seminars
Event Reminders for Seminars

How & When Do You Send Event Reminders?

Event Reminder for a Speaker
Event Reminder for a Speaker

Sending event reminders effectively involves timing and choosing the right communication methods. Here’s a detailed plan:


  1. Initial Reminder: Send the first reminder a week before the event. This ensures that attendees are aware and can plan their schedules.

  2. Follow-up Reminder: Send a follow-up reminder 2-3 days before the event. This serves as a secondary prompt for those who may have forgotten.

  3. Final Reminder: Send the final reminder on the day of the event, a few hours before it starts. This helps ensure last-minute attendance.


  1. Event Reminder Email:

    • Initial Reminder: Include detailed information about the event, such as date, time, location (or login details for virtual events), agenda, and any necessary preparations.

    • Follow-up Reminder: Reiterate the key details and highlight any updates or important points. Include a calendar invitation link if not already provided.

    • Final Reminder: Keep it brief with essential details like event start time and access information.

  2. Event Reminder SMS or Text Messages:

    • Follow-up Reminder: Send a short, concise message with key details 2-3 days before the event. Example: “Reminder: Conference on 5/28 at 10 AM. Check your email for details.”

    • Final Reminder: A quick message a few hours before the event. Example: “Starts in 2 hours: Webinar on ‘Digital Marketing’ at 3 PM. Link: [shortened URL].”

  3. Push Notifications (if applicable):

    • Final Reminder: For apps or platforms with push notification capabilities, send a reminder an hour before the event. Example: “Your workshop on ‘Time Management’ starts in 1 hour. Don’t miss it!”

  4. Calendar Invites:

    • Initial Reminder: Include a calendar invite with the event details when sending the first email. This helps attendees add the event to their personal calendars.

    • Follow-up Reminder: Send a calendar invite if it wasn’t included initially.

  5. Social Media:

    • Follow-up Reminder: Post reminders on event-related social media pages or groups 2-3 days before the event. Tag attendees if possible.

    • Final Reminder: Post a final reminder on the day of the event.

Example Event Reminder Texts

Formal Business Meeting Reminder:

Text: “Dear Team, this is a reminder for the quarterly business review meeting scheduled for Monday, June 10th at 10:00 AM in the main conference room. Please ensure all reports are submitted by Friday, June 7th. Thank you.”

Explanation: This reminder is formal and concise, appropriate for a corporate setting. It includes the date, time, and location, as well as a deadline for any required preparations.

Business Meeting Reminder
Business Meeting Reminder
Birthday Party Text
Birthday Party Text

Casual Birthday Party Reminder:

Text: “Hey there! Just a quick reminder about Emily’s birthday bash this Saturday at 3 PM at my place. Don’t forget to bring your swim gear and a smile! See you soon! 😊”

Explanation: This reminder is informal and friendly, suitable for a social event. It includes the event details and a fun reminder to bring swim gear, adding a personal touch.

Wedding Anniversary Reminder:

Text: “Hi there, just a gentle reminder about our parents’ 30th wedding anniversary celebration on Sunday, June 23rd at 6:00 PM at The Grand Hall. Let’s make this evening unforgettable! 💖”

Explanation: This reminder is warm and affectionate, perfect for a family event. It includes the event details and a heartfelt note to emphasize the importance of the occasion.

Wedding or Anniversary Reminders
Wedding or Anniversary Reminders
Concert or Music Reminder
Concert or Music Reminder

Concert Reminder:

Text: “Hello music lovers! Don’t forget the live concert by The Melodies on Friday, June 21st at 8:00 PM at the City Arena. Get ready for an unforgettable night of music and fun! 🎶”

Explanation: This reminder is enthusiastic and engaging, ideal for a concert. It provides the event details and builds excitement for the performance.

Charity Event Reminder:

Text: “Hi everyone, a quick reminder about the charity fundraiser for the local animal shelter on Saturday, June 15th at 5:00 PM at Central Park. Please bring any donations you can. Let’s make a difference together! 🐾”

Explanation: This reminder is friendly and motivating, ideal for a community event. It provides the essential details and encourages participants to bring donations, fostering a sense of community and purpose.

Fundraiser Reminders
Workshop and Training Reminders

Workshop/Training Session Reminder:

Text: “Greetings! This is a reminder for the ‘Effective Communication Skills’ workshop on Friday, June 14th from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Room 204. Please bring a notebook and pen. Looking forward to seeing you there!”

Explanation: This reminder is informative and encouraging, suited for a professional development event. It specifies the date, time, location, and what participants need to bring.