If your business thrives on customer service then you should consider investing in specific customer service tools. One of which you may already be familiar with: automated appointment reminders. Not only is this tool a big win for your business, it is also a great customer service benefit for your customers.

Automated Appointment Reminders are convenient for everyone

Using automated appointment reminders will cut down on the time you are taking away from your staff when they have to call your daily appointments. So much so, that appointment reminders have been shown to decrease no-shows by as much as 80%. As a result, this customer service tool will directly increase your bottom line. How many other tools can do both? Very few.

In addition, you not only save your staff time but offer convenience to your customers, which notably increases perceived customer service. Your customers don’t have to interrupt their day to answer your call. Instead, they can simply reply back to a text message to confirm their appointment. This is such a simple step that will ensure the likelihood of them showing up for their appointment.

Build your customer service showcase

If you own a hair salon and you have a customer that has her hair treated every six weeks then she is a very consistent client. However, life gets busy and she may forget to make her next appointment. Worse, she may forget she needs to reschedule her existing one! A simple text message can be used to remind her about her upcoming appointment or to remind her to make an appointment. One text can lead to potential big business.

SMS messages are so popular that you may even notice activist campaigns using them. Once a person shows interest and signs up with their information, they can now receive calls to action from the activist group. This is a great way to communicate with a large group of people and still give them a sense of community and belonging.

Bettering customer service

The best part about text message reminders is how easy they are to opt in and out of. If you lose a customer or if a person loses interest in an organization, they can easily opt out of receiving communication from them.

On the other hand, asking your clients to opt into text communication is just as easy. When you use a program like AppointmentReminders.com we can even integrate the program into your existing calendar. Whatever database you use, likely we can integrate with it. We also supply many tutorials and videos that you can use to easily learn all the great features the program offer. Start with your 30-day free trial today!

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