In this post, I will briefly explain the “Customization” tab and show you how to use it.

Go ahead and log in to your account and click on the “Customization” button. You will be presented with the customization page. Here you can change the Time Zone for your reminders, add your website URL and branding color and add a logo. Most of the settings on this page, other than Time Zone, really only apply to email reminder types. However, if you do send email reminders, this is a great way to make your emails look professional and to include your company branding colors and logo. You can also have the email reminders generate from any email address that you like.  In this way, it will add more credibility to your customers and you will be able to check replies to your email reminders.

The image below shows the settings that I have chosen


Since is based in Denver, Colorado, I will choose “Mountain Time” for my time zone.

I have also added my website URL ( which you can see in the image below shows up at the bottom of my email reminders.

I also selected blue as my branding color. If you don’t know the HEX code for your color, you can either pick it or use an image editor to get the HEX code from your logo or company color.  This shows up as the border color in my email reminders as you can see in the image below.

I put “” as my company email.  My email reminders will generate from this email address.

Finally, I selected a logo, as you can see, this image shows up at the top of my email reminders.

This is what my email reminder will look like with my branding colors, logo, and website URL.
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