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Get the competitive edge you need to succeed

Starting a chiropractic business can be a difficult job. Like starting any other business, it’s important to carefully prepare and plan out your business and finances. There are many reasons why chiropractic businesses fail. And many tools that can help you to avoid them as well as give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed. Sending out chiropractic appointment reminders to your new and existing clients can give you that edge!

According to a study conducted on The Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center (MEDVAMC) at Houston, Texas, the average cost of no-show per patient was $196 (in 2008 – we can assume a significant increase since then). After all, whether patients show up or not, healthcare organizations and medical practices still must pay their staffs and cover expenses like rent and the cost of equipment. Data from the BLS shows that approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 45% fail during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years. Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more. 

Appointment Reminders is here to assist in your business. “When you succeed, we succeed”!

Problems in most Chiropractic Practice

Unforeseen obstacles in a chiropractic business can cause exaggerated stress levels. Everyday struggles in managing your practice can be magnified if you don’t take appropriate steps when there is time to do so.

Don’t be taken down — check out these common challenges and problems that you’re facing or may face while managing your practice and how you can solve them:

  • Documenting patient health records is getting cumbersome
  • Time is wasted on phone calls and answering patient questions
  • Patient wait time is high
  • Patient volume is good but not the revenue numbers
  • There is no tracking of missed appointments
  • Still using paper SOAP notes
  • Staff wasting time rummaging through paper notes
  • Patient compliance and referral is low
  • There is no track of online reviews and reputation
  • The number of unpaid claims is increasing
  • Staff wasting time on the phone making manual appointment reminders

#1 Problem - Missed Appointments

#1 Solution - Chiropractic Appointment Reminders

Patients will cancel appointments. In our busy lives, things come up and schedules need to be shuffled. However, a practice that fails to contact these patients and reschedule them shows serious structural problems. The right chiropractic appointment reminder software for your business ensures that patients are not left behind, missed appointments are rescheduled and your office runs smoothly. A well-run office impresses patients. An office that makes a lot of errors or appears disorganized turns them off.

Start tracking your no-shows to look for a pattern to help you eliminate something you might be doing to cause them.

Implement a reminder system that can be custom tailored to your specific chiropractic office needs and sends the correct information to your patients.

Allow your patients to respond to your reminders. Perhaps consider giving them the option to cancel or reschedule when they reply.

Follow up with patients that cancel or reschedule. Fill those slots!!


Engage your Patients in your Practice

Your chiropractic practice will have a competitive edge based on hard work, organization, trustworthiness, and the knowledge of the most recently taught techniques and training available in the chiropractic profession. All these factors will lead to high internal referral rates due to patient satisfaction.

  • Make sure tp maintain a professional atmosphere yet be personal enough where your patients feel comfortable and get the most out of each visit. Your practice should maintain high privacy and security with electronic billing procedures for chiropractors, so your patients can rest assured that their claims will be processed in the proper manner. Automating patient communication not only looks professional but also streamlines your business.
  • Another edge to help your clinic make a long-lasting impression is networking within the community. Chiropractors should focus on the community’s workforce because this group has the highest number of potential patients.

Automate and Integrate your Chiropractic Appointment Reminders

The good news is that chiropractors can make their practice efficient by automating productivity-killing tasks. By utilizing automated and integrated appointment reminders, chiropractors can remove complexities and inefficiencies from the day-to-day processes

Without standardized, integrated software that automates and streamlines practice management, a chiropractic practice will have to continuously shift between disparate sources of information, resulting in productivity loss and even greater revenue leaks.

Our appointment reminders seamlessly integrate into most Chiropractic EMH/EHR software

Focus on these areas to automate manual processes and improve workflow, performance, and revenue.

1. Incentive Program

People don’t realize they do this all the time! Think about the last time you made an appointment at a coffee shop, or over lunch, etc. When there is a free meal or coffee involved you are much less likely to miss your appointment. 

Lots of businesses implement either an app or a punch-card system to incentivize their customers as well. Think about giving some additional service to your most loyal customers.

2. Patient scheduling

68% of patients prefer to book appointments online, generating more than $3.2 billion in added value for the healthcare industry. So, practices must offer an online patient scheduling functionality to cut down on to save staff’s time, increase patient volume and revenue. With a patient appointment scheduling system, a practice can streamline the patient cycle, increase patient satisfaction, and offer a seamless experience to patients.

3. Chiropractic Appointment reminders

Patients are not always available to take phone calls in the middle of their work. These increased missed appointments. No shows cost healthcare systems $150 billion each year. Sending reminders to patients of their upcoming appointments is another process where automation can go a long way. With automated patient reminders, a practice can significantly reduce no-shows. With no phone calls to make, staff can focus on more important works. And by reducing no-shows, the practice can improve its bottom line.

4. Documenting

Practitioners deal with different types of paper files – from patient intake forms, patient SOAP notes, insurance claims to A/R reports. Paper files bring inefficiency in chiropractic practices. On average, an administrative staff uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. The cost for using and managing paper files can easily reach thousands of dollars in a year even for a small practice if you include printing, storing, and managing costs.

Transitioning to a paperless practice by using an EHR/EMR system helps you manage these important recurring documents and patient files with an automated process. You and your staff have access to all information, anytime, anywhere.

5. Patient flow

The easier and faster it is for patients to get what they want, the higher the satisfaction rate will be. Online check-in, filling intake form from home, no wait times, well-managed waiting rooms, and speedy payment process provide patients seamless experience and save more time for the chiropractor. If a practice can see one more patient a day, it can bring in additional revenue each year. To save more time in a day, improve patient flow with a practice management system that helps you automate patient check-in, intake forms, and payment will make your practice run efficiently.

6. Patient recall

When patients don’t adhere to their treatment guidelines, chiropractors miss out on revenue opportunities. A patient recall is an effective way to improve patient retention and reduce missed opportunities for practices. By increasing the retention rate by 5%, a practice can increase revenue by at least 25%. Automating patient recall campaigns with chiro software can reduce manual labor for staff and increase appointment volume and revenue.

Chiropractic Appointment Reminders is your Competitive Edge

Automatic appointment reminders can be a very efficient way to encourage patients to show for their schedule appointment on time. These reminders have also proven to effectively decrease no-show patients by 80% or more. Programs like offer a feasible solution.

Although many chiropractic EMH/EHR software do come with built-in appointment reminders, implementing a solution like ours will allow much more flexibility and tracking so you can focus on long-term patient retention

Take advantage of our 30 day free trial. With no credit card required, you can determine if our program is the right fit for your practice. And now that you have solutions to handling late patients, you can also decrease no-shows.

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