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A missed appointment is a missed opportunity. Email appointment reminders are an excellent tool to create effective communication between your office and your customers or patients. However, few offices utilize automated appointment reminders. Instead, you may still require your staff to dedicate hours every day making phone calls. In this blog, we are going to…

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According to, 274.7 million Americans access the Internet through their cell phone. Worldwide mobile internet users stand at 3.8 billion (49% of the world population) with an upward trend. This has a significant implication on professional businesses and service providers that rely on appointment booking. And now after the global pandemic, virtual platforms are…

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The unprecedented year of 2020 has ended. As we enter into 2021, many are taking a deep breath in hopes this year is better, all around. And like many new years, you may be making a new year resolution list. However, have you ever considered making a new year resolutions list for your business? A…

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Now that the holiday season is drawing to an end, some are concerned about what the holiday traveling could mean for the pandemic. Even with good intentions and safety protocols, risks increase during the holiday season. And more so as you contemplate celebrating the New Year at a gathered event. Here are three very easy…

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If you’re still trying to decide which technology to invest in your business this year, look no further. Automated appointment reminders is the tool you can’t afford to live without in 2020. Embracing new technology is not intimidating Have you noticed your dentist office is still using their staff to call you to remind you…

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Automated appointment reminders don’t need you to work. In fact, they need very little to do what you need them to do. In fact, appointment reminders are like your own personal assistant. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal assistant that required very little management? Here’s why automated appointment reminders are exactly what you…

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communications strategy

When you started your practice, did you ever consider building a communication strategy? In some cases, your marketing strategy will automatically include a communication strategy. And even then, if you have grown, then likely you have also outgrown your communications strategy. Here are 3 signs you’ve outgrown your communications strategy and you need a new…

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mobile messaging

How many unopened emails do you have sitting in your inbox? And how many unread text messages do you have on your phone? While Email marketing is very valuable to any and all businesses, mobile messaging is giving email marketing a run for its money. Getting lost in the email black hole Within one full…

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appointment reminders

If your business counts on customer loyalty then you should consider investing in some great customer service tools. One of which you may already be familiar with – automated appointment reminders. Not only is this tool a big win for your business, it is also a great customer service benefit for your customers. Automated Appointment…

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desk setup with iPad, writing tablet, and keyboard

Patients miss up to 80% of their appointments in their lifetime. That’s a pretty huge chunk of your bottom line being messed up and staff time doing rescheduling. How will you stop missed patient appointments in 2018? Use Appointment Reminders Appointment reminders have proven time and time again to decrease no-shows by as much as…

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