How To Use Appointment Reminder To Increase Positive Reviews

positive reviews

Positive reviews are a key piece of credibility for your business. In fact, reviews are so important, that if you should be implementing a strategy to receive positive reviews. A benefit of text message appointment reminders is you can use it as a tool to encourage positive reviews and decrease negative ones. The purpose of…

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Create Loyal Patients With Marketing Strategies

create loyal patients graphic of animated colored hands

Loyal patients are the backbone of every successful practice. However, creating loyal patients can be a challenge. With the right strategies, you can create loyal patients that will insist on only seeing you and will also refer their friends to you. 1. Communication keeps them coming back One of the number one complaints by patients…

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How To Attract Patients Who Are Afraid Of The Dentist

afraid of the dentist graphic of animated smiling tooth

Some dentist practices claim to be caring and “pain-free’! But for the patient who is afraid of going to the dentists, these claims are simply not enough. Here are three easy ways you can use marketing to attract patients who are afraid of the dentist. Education is key in alleviating fear Fear of the unknown…

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The Checklist Every Medical Practitioner Needs for 2017

Appointment Reminders checklist

It’s a new year and we’re already 6 weeks in! Many of you have created new year resolutions, possibly for both personal and business. Yet as the year begins many medical practitioners finds themselves becoming overwhelmed in a repeat of projects and tasks to complete, deadlines to meet, and relationships to nurture. Such is the…

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Three Online Booking Strategies to Keep Event Attendance High

Even if you have achieved your ticket sales target, your task isn’t done. Your event will become a success only when you achieve a high attendance rate. Event attendance is a key indicator of the success of your business. However, as an event planner, keeping your no-show rate to a minimum should be one of…

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4 Appointment Setting Tips for New Sales Personnel

Setting meetings and establishing new contacts is amongst the most challenging tasks for sales personnel. No sale may happen without directly interacting with a potential client. And this may only be possible if you successfully hold a meeting. There couldn’t be anything more frustrating for sales personnel than a client cancelling their appointments, or even…

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If your Marketing is working, then your Follow-up is overtime

One of the already determined “hot-topics” for 2016 is marketing. If your marketing plan is working then your phones are ringing, emails are coming in, and you’re hearing from prospective clients. So how do you manage all that follow up? Between the client meetings, call-backs, and call-to’s you better have a well-trained staff on hand…

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