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Increasing Your Patients and Your Profit Line

Some medical practices claim they “put patients first” but for the patient who has had bad previous experiences, these broad statements are simply not enough. A practice who does put their patients first in both healthcare and happiness is sure to stand out. Here are three easy ways you can use marketing to attract new…

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How is a No-Show Rate Calculated?

You have a patient booked for 8 a.m. on a Monday. You arrive at your office a half an hour early to prepare for the patient’s arrival and wait for them past the appointed hour. When they do not show up at 8 a.m., you give them twenty minutes before seeing the next patient, who…

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How To Build Your Small Business During The Pandemic

small business

It may seem crazy, but building a small business during the pandemic is absolutely possible. In fact, if you aren’t trying to build your business already, you better start now! Many companies and organizations have been negatively impacted by Coronavirus. However, other businesses are setting examples by shining through the dark. These savvy entrepreneurs are…

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Process Improving for Business Building

business building

Updating a business process can be really challenging. Not only do you need to identify where you need to update a process, you have to implement a variety of components to make a chance. Below are three business processes that will not only lead to an efficient front office but also contribute to business building.…

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Improve Patient Communication with Appointment Reminders

patient communication

Patient communication is a vital component to a successful office. Patient communication builds loyalty, improves customer service and encourages referrals. This is why having an adaptable tool, such as appointment reminders, is a necessary feature. You can easily do improve patient communication with our appointment reminder system, and we’re going to show you how. Go…

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Customer Service Using Automated Appointment Reminders

customer service

If your business thrives on customer service then you should consider investing in specific customer service tools. One of which you may already be familiar with: automated appointment reminders. Not only is this tool a big win for your business, it is also a great customer service benefit for your customers. Automated Appointment Reminders are…

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2020 Technology: Automated Appointment Reminders


If you’re still trying to decide which technology to invest in your business this year, look no further. Automated appointment reminders is the tool you can’t afford to live without in 2020. Embracing new technology is not intimidating Have you noticed your dentist office is still using their staff to call you to remind you…

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Building A Loyal Client Base

automated appointment reminders

Loyal clients are the backbone of every successful practice. However, building a loyal client-base can be a challenge. With the right strategies, you can build a business on loyal clients who will insist on only seeing you and will also become an excellent source for referrals. 1. Use technology that is convenient for your patients…

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3 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Communications Strategy

communications strategy

When you started your practice, did you ever consider building a communication strategy? In some cases, your marketing strategy will automatically include a communication strategy. And even then, if you have grown, then likely you have also outgrown your communications strategy. Here are 3 signs you’ve outgrown your communications strategy and you need a new…

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Mobile Messaging: Increase Your Revenue

mobile messaging

How many unopened emails do you have sitting in your inbox? And how many unread text messages do you have on your phone? While Email marketing is very valuable to any and all businesses, mobile messaging is giving email marketing a run for its money. Getting lost in the email black hole Within one full…

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