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The real cost of your missed appointments are most than just dollar signs. The number of appointments missed, plus the number of people, can add up to quite a lot. The United States reported spending $2 Trillion in treating preventable long-term disease – likely ones that could have been avoided if patients showed up to…

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Accountants, tax firms, tax professionals, and CPA’s are getting ready for the 2021 tax returns season. That means it is time for you to onboard Appointment Reminders for reliable business success. Businesses and individuals are seeking your services in preparing and filing their taxes on time. Are you ready? Has the 2021 tax season changed? Due to…

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The year 2020 looks very different from what we anticipated. In fact, you might already be wondering how you’re going to explain this all to your kids or grandkids in the future. And slowly, as we attempt to regain some sense of normalcy, we also learn to live with new expectations. Some have found these…

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As we slowly enter into a “new normal” many businesses are setting COVID-19 protocols in place for the protection of their patients and their staff. However, there is also a wave of individuals who don’t want to follow these protocols – not just at the doctor’s office – but everywhere. Here are some tips to…

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mobile messages

“Unread” is becoming a new normal. How many unopened emails do you have sitting in your inbox? And how many unread text messages do you have on your phone? While Email marketing is very valuable to any and all businesses, mobile messages are giving emails a run for their money. Getting lost in the email…

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medical innovations

We would be nowhere without the medical innovations that exist today. From lifesavers like chemotherapy to conveniences like the Internet, our world revolves around technology and medicine. Including the unusual ones that are being worked on today! Here are three that you may have never heard heard of and didn’t know you needed… until now.…

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mental health

Mental health has always been important. However, during this pandemic mental health is easily overlooked. As you prioritize working from home, taking care of your children and keeping the house and meals organized, mental health ends up at the bottom of the list or not on the list at all. Here are a few small…

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As many businesses transition to work-from-home, or even run their businesses out of their home, it can feel hectic very easily. For all those parents out there who have to both work from home and manage their kids – we feel it for you. And we want to make your life a little easier, and…

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Appointment Reminders

Automated appointment reminder calls, texts, and emails should be used in every medical practice. If you are not using them yet, you are losing out on many benefits for both your staff and your patients. Here are three reasons you need to start using automated appointment reminders right now. Automation creates convenient communication Automated reminders…

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frustrated patients

Some patients are impatient, frustrated or simply difficult to manage. Others can appear grumpy before you even interact with them. Either way you need to know how to deal with frustrated patients. Here are three easy steps that you can implement with your staff today. Keep in mind, your practice should already have a conduct…

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