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How To Recognize Early Alzheimer’s Disease


In honor of World Alzheimer’s Month, this article is focused on five warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. Knowing what to look for can be the difference and if you do notice any of these signs you should make an appointment with your doctor immediately. Memory loss that disrupts daily life Forgetting recently learned information is…

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Three Tricks Everyone Needs When They Use Appointment Reminders

appointment reminders

Appointment Reminders have been shown to increase no-shows by as much as 80%. This staggering number is a direct effect to any businesses’ bottom line. But, more importantly, how you use this feature can have a big impact on your results and your customer experience. Here are three tricks everyone should know when they use…

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How Appointment Reminders Can Be Used To Save Pets

appointment reminders

Appointment reminders are a very useful tool for patients. But how many people consider their pets to be patients? Well you should! As soon as you walk into a vet office with your pet, they are the patient. And like everyone else, they need annual check ups and medicine and a doctor. So why isn’t…

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Get An Appointment Reminder From A Celebrity


Created by Cigna, known as Cigna’s TV Doctors of America, you will want to take advantage of this one! Forget to make your annual checkup appointment again? Don’t worry, just have a TV doctor call to remind you. Here’s how it works: How do you get people to take action? You ask a celebrity to…

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How Uber And Lyft Are Decreasing Missed Medical Appointments

missed medical appointments

Missed medical appointments are common across the board for medical practices. However, studies have shown the lack of transportation is a huge contributor to these missed appointments. Are Uber and Lyft the answer to decreasing no shows? Uber Health as a new frontier On March 1st, Uber announced their new program called Uber Health. Their…

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Should You Go To The Dentist Before Or After The Holidays?

arial view of a dentist office patient chair

Are you already thinking about the many sweets you will eat over the holiday season? “They” claim the average person will gain 5-10 pounds from all the treats we partake in. But what about your teeth? So should you go to the dentist before or after the holidays? Take the appointment when you can If…

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Three Tricks For Dealing With Impatient Patients

impatient patients

No matter what office you work in you will come into contact with impatient patients. No matter the reason why the patient is impatient, your job is to handle them with respect and manners. So the next time you find yourself in the throws with another impatient patient, here are three tricks to help. Distance…

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Front Desk Etiquette: A Dentist Office

front desk etiquette graphic of persons hands typing on a keyboard

Your front desk is the first impression of your practice. Proper front desk etiquette is very important, yet many practices skip formal training. Here are three things you want to make sure your front desk never says to your patients. 1. Listing the price schedule over the phone Many patients will shop around before choosing…

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Deal with Rude Patients in 5 Steps

rude patients graphic of multi-colored post-it notes

Some patients are just impatient and some patients are grumpy, either way, you have to know how to deal with rude patients. Here are five easy steps that you can implement with your staff today. 1. Limit communication by using an appointment reminder program Sometimes less is more. This is especially true with patients who…

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How To Add A Push Strategy To Your Patient Engagement

scrabble tiles spelling "implement"

A push strategy proactively sends information to your patients. Studies show 75% of people prefer to receive information via text messages, otherwise known as SMS. In fact, these same studies show 98% of SMS are read. This means SMS is the perfect platform to create and implement a push strategy. Here’s how you get started.…

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