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3 Tips for Effectively Communicating With No-Show Clients

If your business functions on appointments, certainly you’ve had a few clients that are suddenly no-show clients. These types regularly show with no issue, until one day…poof! They just stop showing up. In these cases, it’s possible they had a bad experience that you’re unaware of, but how would you know if you don’t see…

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Rebuilding Trust In The Dentist Office After COVID-19


As dental offices reopen and we adjust to the “new normal” of COVID-19, the new safety measures will likely remain in place. As always, a safe environment for both patients and staff is the top priority. However, rebuilding trust with your patients may be your second priority. Here are some ways to you can rebuild…

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Inefficiencies Your Office Should Avoid


Have you noticed your office has some inefficiencies that are slowing down your time or effecting patient experience? In fact, some of these inefficiencies are sneaky that you might not even know they are there! Here are 3 time wasters and solutions that you should be on the look out for. Outdated Business Processes Business…

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Appointment Reminders Case Study

Reseller / White Label

How does an automatic appointment reminder program effect the profit of a business? Is there a substantial difference between a business using an appointment reminder system and one that does not? In this appointment reminders case study we will prove the big difference our affordable program can make on your bottom line. The fact is,…

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