Get An Appointment Reminder From A Celebrity


Created by Cigna, known as Cigna’s TV Doctors of America, you will want to take advantage of this one! Forget to make your annual checkup appointment again? Don’t worry, just have a TV doctor call to remind you. Here’s how it works: How do you get people to take action? You ask a celebrity to…

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Patient Outreach with Appointment Reminder Technology

patient outreach

Your patients believe you care. That’s why they are your patients. That is also why you need to increase your patient outreach and develop your patient relationship. You can easily do this with our appointment reminder system, and we’re going to show you how. Go Beyond Just Appointment Reminders And Create Other Reminders Appointment reminders…

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How To Build An Efficient, Streamlined Dental Office

dental office

A busy dental office is a sign of a healthy business. This also means a likely jam packed schedule and a hectic work environment for your front office. And with a full staff and a full schedule, miscommunication can be a frequent visitor. However, you can avoid many disasters if you streamline an efficient dental…

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Your Invisible Assistant: Automated Appointment Reminders

automated appointment reminders

Some of us could truly benefit from automated appointment reminders. Or an assistant! If you are a business owner or medical practitioner then you know very well what is means to always be busy. So busy that you despise using your time to remind patients or clients of appointments. Well, welcome the invisible assistant you’ve…

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Appointment Reminders For Tax Season

tax season

I bet you weren’t thinking of appointment reminders and your taxes, but you should be! Every CPA should be using automated appointment reminders during this tax season to make their busy season a bit more bearable. Here’s what you need to do. Create specific automated appointment reminders Set your reminders on auto-pilot. These can include…

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Reminders Proven To Boost Vaccination Rates

flu vaccine

If you have seen the news recently, we are currently in the midst of a bad flu pandemic. The flu vaccine has become a necessity for most people, and doctors will tell you they are a necessity for everyone. But did you know reminders have proven to boost vaccination rates? Your office needs to remind…

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How To Stop Missed Patient Appointments

missed patient appointments

Patients miss up to 80% of their appointments in their lifetime. That’s a pretty huge chunk of your bottom line being messed up and staff time doing rescheduling. How will you stop missed patient appointments in 2018? Use Appointment Reminders Appointment reminders have proven time and time again to decrease no-shows by as much as…

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Appointment Reminders For The New Year

appointment reminders

We are only weeks away from the new year and you still have on thing left on your to-do list. Actually, you may have many things to do on that list, but appointment reminders should be at the top. Here is why you can’t afford to not use in 2018. Decrease your no-shows by…

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Three Tricks For Dealing With Impatient Patients

impatient patients

No matter what office you work in you will come into contact with impatient patients. No matter the reason why the patient is impatient, your job is to handle them with respect and manners. So the next time you find yourself in the throws with another impatient patient, here are three tricks to help. Distance…

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Automated Appointment Reminders Will Decrease No-Show Patients

automated appointment reminder

Automated appointment reminders are now widely used by medical professionals around the world. These professionals include doctors, dentists, or other medical practitioners. But now, thanks to the ease and effectiveness of these programs, other industries are finding appointment reminders to have a big impact on their business. The Beauty Industry Hair salons, barber shops, spas,…

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