Revolutionize Your Day With Your Digital Voice Assistant

voice assistant

If you are not utilizing your phone or tablet’s digital voice assistant, then you’re not optimizing your schedule. Your entire work day will run more smoothly, be more efficient and productive, and you may even find yourself completing tasks much faster. Here’s how you should be using your digital voice assistants. Notes How many times…

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The Benefits Of Booking Appointments Online

booking appointments

According to Accenture, 66% of US health systems will offer online scheduling. Your clients will soon expect access to book appointments online for your services, from hair salons to veterinary services, and everything in between. How behind is your practice? Find out why you can’t afford to skip the benefits of booking appointments online. Stop…

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Three Tricks Everyone Needs When They Use Appointment Reminders

appointment reminders

Appointment Reminders have been shown to increase no-shows by as much as 80%. This staggering number is a direct effect to any businesses’ bottom line. But, more importantly, how you use this feature can have a big impact on your results and your customer experience. Here are three tricks everyone should know when they use…

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Why Should You Send An Appointment Reminder One Hour Ahead?

appointment reminder

We recently launched a new feature on our appointment reminder system. This new feature would allow you to send an appointment reminder one hour ahead of your patient’s appointment. This feature has so many benefits and there are many ways in which you can use it. Send A Quick Reminder The most obvious benefit to…

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How To Use Appointment Reminder To Increase Positive Reviews

positive reviews

Positive reviews are a key piece of credibility for your business. In fact, reviews are so important, that if you should be implementing a strategy to receive positive reviews. A benefit of text message appointment reminders is you can use it as a tool to encourage positive reviews and decrease negative ones. The purpose of…

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How Appointment Reminders Can Be Used To Save Pets

appointment reminders

Appointment reminders are a very useful tool for patients. But how many people consider their pets to be patients? Well you should! As soon as you walk into a vet office with your pet, they are the patient. And like everyone else, they need annual check ups and medicine and a doctor. So why isn’t…

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Which Businesses Need To Use Automated Appointment Reminders

appointment reminders

If your business counts on customer loyalty then you should consider investing in some great customer service tools. One of which you may already be familiar with – automated appointment reminders. Not only is this tool a big win for your business, it is also a great customer service benefit for your customers. Automated Appointment…

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Mastering Your Front Desk Etiquette

front desk etiquette

Many offices, maybe even yours, underestimate the power of their front office etiquette. From first impressions to continuing patient care, your front office is the smile on the face of your business. So make sure your staff has mastered their front desk etiquette with these three tips. Front desk etiquette basics It’s easy to get…

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The Real Cost Of Missed Medical Appointments

missed medical appointments

The real cost of missed medical appointments aren’t just dollars. The number is also in people. The United States along spends $2 Trillion in treating preventable long-term disease. If that doesn’t scare you, how about the $150 billion annual cost as a result of missed appointments? The solution is an appointment reminder system The good…

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Get An Appointment Reminder From A Celebrity


Created by Cigna, known as Cigna’s TV Doctors of America, you will want to take advantage of this one! Forget to make your annual checkup appointment again? Don’t worry, just have a TV doctor call to remind you. Here’s how it works: How do you get people to take action? You ask a celebrity to…

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