When to use Appointment Reminders

when to use appointment reminders

New figures show the initiative to tackle the problem of wasted GP appointments using automatic reminders have been successful. Patients can respond to appointment reminders quickly by replying to the text, allowing for more convenient communication. So how do you know when to use appointment reminders? Read on to find out. Is your staff overwhelmed? […]

Why Your Patient Might Be Avoiding You


Does your patient avoid seeing you because they feel like they are wasting your time? According to a study conducted by the University of Cambridge, patients are increasingly feeling this way. The results, published this month, show worries over wasting their doctor’s time, particularly at a time when NHS resources are stretched, may influence when […]

Quick Text – How to send a quick text message to your customers

Quick Text

We have just added a new feature called “Quick Texts”. This new area will allow you to send a quick text message to either all of your customers or a subset of your customers without having to create a reminder type and scheduling it. To send a quick text, log into your account and click on […]

New – Lower Prices as of August 2016!

New Lower Prices!!! We have just lowered our prices across the board for all of our accounts You can now get reminders for as low as 8.3 cents each (call, text, or email).  The new pricing structure will start beginning in August 2016. If you are an existing customer, you may want to take a […]

How Technology is Turning Patients into Consumers

Technology has become an inevitable part of healthcare. People are increasingly using technology to access information, communicate with doctors, and obtain services. According to a study, 75 percent of people head to the internet to seek medical-related information. Acquiring healthcare services that was previously difficult for patients has undergone a major shift leading to health […]

4 Appointment Setting Tips for New Sales Personnel

Setting meetings and establishing new contacts is amongst the most challenging tasks for sales personnel. No sale may happen without directly interacting with a potential client. And this may only be possible if you successfully hold a meeting. There couldn’t be anything more frustrating for sales personnel than a client cancelling their appointments, or even […]

3 Ways to Reduce Patient No-Show Rate

When a patient fails to show up for the scheduled appointment, it does not just affect the patient, but also has a bearing on the practice. Some practitioners don’t even know their no-show rate, let alone understand the cost of missed appointments. Missed appointments cost healthcare units as much as $150,000 in labor costs and […]

Putting an End to No-Show Sales Appointments

There couldn’t be anything more frustrating for a salesperson than no-show sales leads. When you make a schedule, accommodate each of your clients’ requests, work through to prepare your ideas and make an effort to be on time only to discover that the client has canceled the appointment, it can be really disappointing and frustrating. […]

3 Reasons Your Patients are Missing Their Appointments

Patients who don’t show up for their scheduled appointments have an impact on the productivity and efficiency of the entire healthcare system. With an average no-show rate of 42 percent, the losses and impact of these occurrences vary. Patients who miss their appointments typically fail to understand the purpose and significance of the appointment. According […]

3 Automation Tools Every Entrepreneur Must be Using

Establishing a business is one thing, but managing it efficiently is another. This is the reason why small businesses are increasingly moving to automation to improve their operational efficiency and productivity so as to boost their revenues and profits. Automation, essentially involving the use of technology, can streamline repetitive and time-consuming tasks so that you […]