Appointment Reminder Update

Appointment Reminders: Technology You Can’t Live Without

appointment reminders

This is a short story about one woman who was afraid of learning something new, appointment reminders. The fear of new technology was holding her and her office staff back from freeing up their time and increasing business profit. Could this be your office manager? Embracing new technology is intimidating I noticed my dentist office…

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Better Time Management Techniques Are Better Than More Patients

Effective time management techniques can keep your practice productive and profitable. Time management can be better than more patients when used correctly! Here are some great time management techniques that you can implement today. These techniques will increase your bottom line immediately. 1. Scheduling techniques will reduce stress A well designed day will increase production.…

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4 Ways To Use Text Messages To Increase Your Business

Text messaging has become an appropriate form of communication between business and consumer. If you aren’t already using text messages to increase your business then you are missing out on a great marketing opportunity. Read one to learn four strategic ways you can use text messages. Appointment Reminders Studies show 90% of text messages are…

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How To Handle Late Patients & Decrease No-Shows

Do you struggle to manage late patients? Do you want to decrease your no-shows? Every practice has to come to terms with chronically late patients. And like many clinics experience, dealing with late patients can be difficult and frustrating. However, there are tactics and programs that offer a solution to both challenges. A Late or…

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Email Etiquette every professional should know

Online communication is sometimes considered the most difficult form of communication. We might believe the efficiency and clarity of online communication is easy. However, email can be very easily mis-communicated. Here are 3 rules from the experts to keep your email etiquette up to par. Never Email “Angry” Emailing with bad news of any kind…

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No Follow-Up, No Overtime

If your marketing is working then business is booming. Your phones are ringing and work is increasing, which is great. But more business also means more work and your staff is handling it and possibly doing so through overtime. How do they manage all of that follow up? If you haven’t created a strategy to…

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How to use the English Spanish Mapping Table

You have the ability to send appointment reminders to your patients in Spanish using the English Spanish mapping table. With our program we want to make this as easy as possible. Here is a short guide on how to use it. This tutorial will detail how to set up a call reminder. Text message and…

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When to use Appointment Reminders

when to use appointment reminders

New figures show the initiative to tackle the problem of wasted GP appointments using automatic reminders have been successful. Patients can respond to appointment reminders quickly by replying to the text, allowing for more convenient communication. So how do you know when to use appointment reminders? Read on to find out. Is your staff overwhelmed?…

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Why Your Patient Might Be Avoiding You


Does your patient avoid seeing you because they feel like they are wasting your time? According to a study conducted by the University of Cambridge, patients are increasingly feeling this way. The results, published this month, show worries over wasting their doctor’s time, particularly at a time when NHS resources are stretched, may influence when…

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Quick Text – How to send a quick text message to your customers

Quick Text

We have just added a new feature called “Quick Texts”. This new area will allow you to send a quick text message to either all of your customers or a subset of your customers without having to create a reminder type and scheduling it. To send a quick text, log into your account and click on…

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