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Birthday Reminders

Birthday Reminder

Send personalized birthday reminder greetings to customers through email or a text message, expressing gratitude for their loyalty and including a special discount or exclusive offer as a birthday gift. This thoughtful gesture not only fosters customer appreciation but also encourages repeat business.

Using our service, you can easily create a recurring event in Google Calendar and then have Birthday Reminders sent automatically!

To create a recurring birthday event in Google Calendar, open the calendar, create a new event for the first occurrence, and then set the recurrence to “Yearly.” Specify the frequency as “Every year” and save the event. This ensures the birthday reminder appears annually in your calendar. Then you can link your Google Calendar to our site and automatically send them out.

How Can Companies Benefit From Sending Birthday Reminders?

Companies can benefit from sending birthday reminder text messages or emails to customers by:

  • Building Personal Connections: Birthday greetings show customers that the company values them as individuals, fostering a more personal and emotional connection.

  • Enhancing Customer Engagement: Sending well-timed birthday messages keeps the company on the customer’s radar, increasing overall engagement and brand recall.

  • Strengthening Brand Loyalty: Thoughtful birthday wishes create a positive customer experience, leading to increased loyalty and the likelihood of repeat business.

  • Driving Sales: Including special offers, discounts, or exclusive promotions in birthday messages can incentivize customers to make purchases, boosting sales during a celebratory period.

  • Encouraging Customer Interaction: Birthday messages can prompt customers to visit the company’s website, app, or physical store, providing additional opportunities for engagement and conversions.

  • Data Collection and Personalization: The process of collecting and using birthday information allows companies to personalize their marketing strategies, tailoring offers and messages to individual preferences.

  • Social Media Engagement: Encouraging customers to share their birthday treats or discounts on social media can generate positive word-of-mouth, attracting new customers and expanding the company’s online presence.

Overall, birthday reminders offer a strategic and personalized approach to customer communication, contributing to a positive customer experience and long-term business success.

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Companies That Send Birthday Reminders & Why

Several companies across various industries send birthday reminders as part of their customer engagement strategies. Here are a few examples:

  • Retailers (e.g., Sephora): Companies like Sephora often send birthday reminders accompanied by exclusive discounts or free birthday gifts. This gesture aims to encourage customers to make a purchase, fostering loyalty and increasing sales.

  • Restaurants and Cafes (e.g., Starbucks): Coffee shops and restaurants often offer free or discounted items on a customer’s birthday, creating a positive experience that can lead to increased foot traffic and loyalty.

  • Online Retailers (e.g., Amazon): Online retailers may send birthday emails with personalized product recommendations or special discounts to incentivize birthday shopping and enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Fitness Centers (e.g., Planet Fitness): Gyms may send birthday greetings along with special promotions to motivate members to visit the gym or try new classes, contributing to member retention and engagement.

  • Banks and Financial Institutions: Some banks send birthday wishes to customers, aiming to maintain a positive relationship and, in some cases, offering exclusive banking benefits or promotions.

Consumer Statistics on Birthdays

Birthday Statistics

10 Birthday Reminder Text Message Templates That You Can Use

We put together a sample list of birthday reminder text message templates that you can use with our service. Keep in mind that you can create any message that you want as well!

  • Classic Thank You:

    • Template: “Happy Birthday [Customer’s Name]! 🎉 Thank you for being a valued member of [Company Name]. Enjoy your special day! As a token of our appreciation, here’s a [X%] discount for your next purchase. Use code BDAY[X] at checkout!”

    • Explanation: Combines a warm birthday wish with a thank you message and an exclusive discount code, fostering customer appreciation and encouraging a return visit.

  • Gift with Purchase:

    • Template: “Cheers to another year, [Customer’s Name]! 🎂🎁 Your birthday gift is waiting! Get a free [Product] with any purchase in-store or online during your birthday month. Show this text at checkout or use code BDAYGIFT[X].”

    • Explanation: Encourages customer engagement by offering a tangible gift with a purchase, driving sales and making the birthday celebration more memorable.

  • VIP Experience:

    • Template: “Happy Birthday, [Customer’s Name]! 🌟 As a VIP, we’re giving you exclusive access to a private shopping event. Enjoy [X]% off, complimentary refreshments, and a personalized shopping assistant. RSVP to secure your spot!”

    • Explanation: Creates a sense of exclusivity and special treatment for the customer, enhancing the birthday experience and fostering a stronger connection with the brand.

  • Milestone Celebration:

    • Template: “Happy [Milestone] Birthday, [Customer’s Name]! 🎉 Celebrate with us and enjoy a special [X]% discount on your entire purchase. Use code BDAY[Milestone] at checkout. Here’s to another fantastic year!”

    • Explanation: Recognizes a significant birthday milestone, making the customer feel special and encouraging them to celebrate with a personalized discount.

  • Surprise and Delight:

    • Template: “Guess what, [Customer’s Name]? It’s that time of the year again! 🎂 Your birthday surprise awaits at [Store Location]. Stop by and let us make your day extra special. No purchase necessary!”

    • Explanation: Builds anticipation and excitement by keeping the birthday surprise a mystery, prompting the customer to visit the store and experience a personalized celebration.

  • Community Shoutout:

    • Template: “Happy Birthday, [Customer’s Name]! 🎈🎊 Join us in celebrating this special day by sharing a birthday selfie with our products. Tag us with #BirthdayWith[Brand] for a chance to be featured and receive an exclusive gift!”

    • Explanation: Engages customers through user-generated content, fostering a sense of community and encouraging them to share their birthday celebrations with the brand.

  • Early Bird Offer:

    • Template: “Happy Early Birthday, [Customer’s Name]! 🎂🎁 We’re celebrating in advance with an exclusive gift. Shop online or visit us before your big day and enjoy [X]% off your purchase. Code: EARLYBDAY[X].”

    • Explanation: Provides an early birthday treat, encouraging customers to shop ahead of their actual birthday and boosting sales before the special day arrives.

  • Interactive Discount:

    • Template: “Happy Birthday, [Customer’s Name]! 🎉🎂 Your birthday discount is in your hands. Reply with a birthday emoji, and we’ll send you a personalized discount code! 🎁✨”

    • Explanation: Creates an interactive and personalized experience, encouraging customers to engage with the brand by responding with a birthday emoji to receive a customized discount.

  • Exclusive Event Invitation:

    • Template: “You’re invited, [Customer’s Name]! 🎉 Join us for an exclusive birthday celebration just for you. Enjoy live music, special discounts, and more! RSVP by replying ‘YES’.”

    • Explanation: Invites customers to an exclusive birthday event, making them feel valued and providing a unique and memorable experience.

  • Charitable Contribution:

    • Template: “Happy Birthday, [Customer’s Name]! 🎂🎁 We’re celebrating your special day by making a donation on your behalf. Choose your favorite charity, and we’ll contribute [X]% of your next purchase to support their cause.”

    • Explanation: Demonstrates corporate social responsibility by allowing customers to contribute to a charitable cause of their choice, creating a positive and meaningful birthday celebration.