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Best Text Reminder Apps For 2024

Missed appointments cost businesses a fortune. This guide explores the best text reminder apps to guarantee customers will miss less appointments in 2024.

Best Text Reminder Apps for 2024
Best Text Reminder Apps for 2024

What is a Text Reminder App?

Research suggests that within 24 hours, 70% of the new information a person has picked up is already forgotten. That’s why it’s hardly surprising that customers tend to forget that they have booked a service with a business. 

In the healthcare industry alone, no-shows cost practices $150 billion per year. At the same time, individual practitioners are losing up to $200 for every patient that doesn’t show up. Hairdressers, dentists, and mechanics also all lose money if a customer doesn’t make an appearance. 

What’s the solution? Businesses should use a text reminder app to ensure that customers are aware of their appointment. This will ensure that there’s a far greater chance that they do turn up. 

A text reminder app can offer a variety of benefits that enhance daily productivity and organization for individuals and businesses alike. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Improved Time Management: Users can schedule reminders for important tasks, appointments, and deadlines, helping to manage time more efficiently.

  • Increased Productivity: By reducing the mental load of remembering every detail and task, individuals can focus more on the task at hand, thereby increasing productivity.

  • Enhanced Punctuality: Reminders for meetings, appointments, and events help ensure that users arrive on time, improving reliability and professionalism.

  • Better Medication Adherence: For those who need to take medications regularly, text reminders can help ensure they take their medication at the correct times, contributing to better health outcomes.

  • Task Delegation: In a team or family setting, text reminders can be used to delegate tasks effectively, ensuring that everyone knows their responsibilities.

  • Minimized Stress: Knowing that they have a system in place to remind them of important tasks and dates can significantly reduce stress levels for users.

  • Habit Formation: Text reminder apps can be used to develop new habits by setting regular reminders for activities like exercise, reading, or practicing a new skill.

  • Reduced No-shows: Businesses can use text reminder apps to remind clients of upcoming appointments, reducing the number of missed appointments and improving service efficiency.

  • Accessibility: Since most people carry their smartphones everywhere, receiving reminders via text ensures that the information is accessible anywhere and anytime.

  • Customization and Personalization: Many text reminder apps offer options to customize reminders with notes, priorities, and repeat intervals, making it easier to tailor the app to the user’s specific needs.

  • Integration with Other Apps: Some text reminder apps can integrate with calendar apps, email, and other productivity tools, streamlining workflow and information management.

Here are some of the best appointment reminder apps that could be beneficial for any business making appointments with customers that you can consider in your business. 

Appointment Reminders Logo

AppointmentReminders.com is a versatile reminder solution that allows you to send key appointment reminders by:

The system provides an automated solution, offering a user friendly option to keep customers informed and connected to your business. 

The solution is perfect for healthcare clients due to the use of HIPAA compliant appointment reminders. The service ensures that privacy and data security are the primary goal for every client, particularly where medical records are concerned. 

Accounts using the service start at just $9.95 per month, ensuring that this will fit with a wide range of business budgets. Both larger and small businesses could benefit from setting up an account with this service. The highly-secure HIPAA compliant package starts at only $99.95 per month. 

The service also provides free hands-on live account setup and support regardless of which account tier is chosen for your business. 

Using AppointmentReminders.com you can also integrate other solutions in your business including your Google Calendar. Appointments can also be scheduled utilizing the built in online interface that is part of the complete system set up. The upload solution available through AppointmentReminders.com can also be used to upload and download appointment information as well as results for patients. 

The system is designed to be as easy to use as possible. According to the business, you can get your account set up and running in under an hour thanks to the live free support available. The company also offers a complete free trial that will allow you to check whether this system is the right choice for your company. They even have a free demo that you can view on their website. 

SuperSaas Logo

SuperSaas offers clients looking for a text reminder app a high level of customization regardless of whether they are using a text based app or web-based scheduling service. One point to be aware of is that SuperSaas does have a longer learning curve compared to other options such as AppointmentReminders.com. There is also a limited level of customer support. 

However, once you learn the basics, you should have no issue getting the results that you want. You can create an online booking feature that is specifically designed to work for your social media page or website. You can even brand and customize the calendar so that it matches your company and looks professional.

There is no app available to download using this service. However, since the website is mobile friendly, you will be able to access this solution remotely through a wide range of hardware.

SuperSaas is incredibly budget friendly and free for as many as 50 upcoming appointments. There are also packages for larger companies that require more advanced capabilities for their business and have higher volume requirements. Packages up to $95 per month are available that will allow you to schedule 15,000 appointments with 150,000 past reservations kept on file for easy access. 

The system does boast some unique features including dynamic messages through the use of Auto-text. This will ensure that you can address any user by name or keep the message language-dependent. The auto-text string feature is easy to use after a few tries but does take some time to get used to. 

Using SuperSaaS it is also possible to generate reports from the data accumulated and export them for any use. This should allow you to improve your business and ensure that you are constantly working gaining insights on how your booking system operates.

Larger business owners will also benefit from the capability of assigning additional management abilities to ‘superusers’ freeing up their time from admin requirements. 

The company does provide full compliance with GDPR regulations however they can not offer HIPAA secure messaging. As such, this solution may not be suitable for healthcare companies that will require a higher standard of security overall. 

Planfy provides businesses with the option of sending confirmations, updates and reminders for appointments by email or texts. With the power of Planfy, you can update your clients at any given time without any issues at all.

The service provides numerous key features including the ability to track different conversions from recall campaigns. Similar to SuperSaas the system also allows companies to customize templates and ensure that they do provide the right addition for their brand. 

One of the most unique features provided by this text reminder app is the ability to generate QR codes for customers. Customers then have the option of scanning these codes to book appointments providing a seamless solution that will provide a fantastic user experience that they are sure to appreciate. There is even a built-in video call booking solution that is part of the software which can provide the digital face-to-face interactions that clients demand. 

With planfy it’s possible not only to remind customers that they have made a booking but encourage them to commit to using a service that you want to market for your company. Part of the reason for this is the ability to accept bookings from multiple channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This provides them with the power to book an appointment however they want. You can even use a self service solution to ensure that clients can book appointments after hours as well. 

This solution also provides you with the tools that you need to create a full customer database. This will allow you to contact clients again in the future to ask for referrals or ensure that they do book a repeat appointment. 

Planfy is designed to be easy to use. Indeed, you should be able to set everything up in just a few minutes. Similar to AppointmentReminders.com, the service also provides a full support solution to help you with any issues that you might encounter utilizing this software. 

The pricing is reasonable for small companies and starts at just $14 per month. However, there are larger packages available for bigger companies. Users can also explore a 14-day free trial that will allow them to get a complete feel for the software before making a final choice. 

There are text reminder apps that are setup designed specifically for certain industries. StyleSeat is arguably one of the best examples of this. 

With StyleSeat it is possible to access an appointment management system that is perfect for beauty professionals. This allows stylists to arrange bookings directly from their website or with their chosen social media network. 

The app provides a complete database which is simple to search. This allows clients to search for the stylist that they want.

Once a booking is arranged, customers will then be sent an SMS appointment reminder so that they can easily keep a check on their appointment. A unique and useful feature allows stylists to charge a no-show fee to a stored credit card. 

Prices for this service begin at $35 per month and there is also a 30 day trial that new users can easily access. 

One issue to be aware of when using StyleSeat is that additional fees may be charged to the client when using the service. For instance, a client could cancel a booking at the last minute. If another client then books this spot, they may be charged an additional $10. Despite this, StyleSeat may still provide a convenient solution. Clients will be able to easily see which appointments are available while business owners will have all the information required to manage their schedule in a way that is effective and efficient. 

There is also a more limited level of customization compared to the other text reminder apps that have been previously discussed. However, it is worth stressing again that this is designed specifically for wellness and beauty professionals. As such, they will be able to gain access to a lot of additional features that will provide the real benefits that they need. 

If you are searching for a fully automated text reminder service that provides a hands-off experience then YouCanBook.Me could be the right choice for you. This solution is designed to make scheduled appointments and connecting with clients as easy as possible while ensuring that there is a high level of security. 

YouCanBook.Me works differently from the other options that we have discussed on this list as it provides a system that connects and fits directly into an existing calendar. Using the software you can ensure that you are only sharing the times that you want with customers while you allow them to book directly into the calendar. 

Customers will also be provided with all the key info including:

  • Notifications
  • Reminders
  • Calendar invites

The system also provides a personalized solution that will fit perfectly with your business specifically. You can use the software and integrate it into your Google or Microsoft calendar with ease. 

A unique benefit of this software is that it solves problems with time zones. If you are reaching out to international clients, the system will quickly identify the time zone of a specific customer and guarantee that everyone sees the correct time so that there is absolutely no confusion here. 

Notifications and text reminders can be completely customized to ensure that they always provide the right solution for your scheduling process. You can control exactly what a notification says to ensure that you always strike the right tone when connecting with clients. 

As well as sending reminders of an appointment, the system also allows you to send out follow up emails. This ensures that you can provide clients with more in depth information that they might need or you can for feedback. 

This service is available to use for free if you are interested in a smaller package. Larger package volumes are also budget friendly at just $9 per month. 

Text-Em-All provides users with the option of sending surveys, text messages and phone calls to clients through the use of an automated system. This solution is largely used by schools and other public organizations but has been popular with some businesses as well. It provides:

  • Emergency updates
  • School attendance notifications
  • Event announcements
  • School closure alerts
  • Notifications for countless other scenarios

The service does also offer solutions and features that are specifically designed to help businesses as well as non profits. It is used by Chewy, Express Employment Professionals, Bayada and Sanofi as well as countless other major brands. 

The main focus of this text reminder solution is the ability to access a large amount of people as quickly as possible. This can be useful for businesses as it will allow you to send out key updates on your business without the risk of it not reaching your customers in the right amount of time. 

The business package features includes:

  • Automatically detecting mobile numbers
  • The ability to schedule messages in advance
  • Directly managing replied and pursuing conversations
  • Texting from your specific business number
  • Utilizing personalized texts and pre-created templates

The service is available with two different price plan possibilities. You can either use a pay-as-you-go plan at between 5 and 9 cents per message. Alternatively, you can think about exploring a monthly subscription for $7.50 per month. The price depends on how many unique phone numbers you need to contact each month. However, after you have set your number of contacts you can contact them as much as you like within your specific price range. 

This service also provides a package that is designed for healthcare companies. However, the business claims that their solution is not HIPAA compliant as their messages are not compliant. Instead, they trust their users to be responsible with the information sent out. As such, this will not be suitable for sending out sensitive data including details or an appointment or results of tests. However, it can be used to provide basic information including appointment reminders to patients. 

ReminderCall.com could be beneficial for your business because it will connect and integrate directly with software and solutions that you are already utilizing in your business model. It is designed specifically with the intent of helping companies eliminate high levels of no-shows in their business model. 

This is suitable for use with a wide range of different software options that you might rely on in your company. You will also be able to view any customer responses through email or the dashboard to ensure that you don’t miss an important reply. You can also benefit from a two-way text and email messaging solution that even offers live delivery updates. This will provide you with peace of mind that customers have received a message that you have sent out. 

However, it is important to be aware that this call and text reminder app is purely an appointment reminder service. As such, business owners should not expect any extra features such as marketing capabilities.

Despite this, ReminderCall.com is a solid option with the possibility of sending out HIPAA-compliant reminders if you are running a healthcare company. You will also be able to schedule any reminders directly from your calendar while receiving key updates to your mobile device. 

A key benefit is that you won’t have to spend time mastering a new system and figuring out how everything works. Instead, if you utilize this solution then you will be able to rely on a system that you are already familiar with and that you understand. This is going to save you both time and money when setting up your appointment reminder solution. 

The list of integrations includes Accuro, CareLogic, PracticeStudio, NextStep, QuickPractice, SalonIris, eNotes, Google Calendar as well as countless others. If you aren’t using a system that the service integrates with, the company will even create a custom integrated service specifically for your company. 

This service is available in a budget friendly package with the standard plan costing just $14.50 per month. Larger organizations can also benefit from a volume discount and you can even try a thirty day free trial to see if this is the right solution for you. 

Vcita is business management software that is designed with businesses that are quickly growing as well as busy customers online. The system provides automated appointment reminders that are designed to help you expand your client base while also growing your revenue over time. 

With a multi-channel system, users are able to send appointment reminders out either by emails or through SMS. You can also tailor your messaging to ensure that it perfectly matches your business schedule with full customization options for branding requirements. 

The solution provides a variety of features that could be beneficial to large and small businesses alike. For instance, it is possible to complete video appointments through the application. This will be ideal if your business is still maintaining social distancing standards and many will be leading into 2024. You can also set up one-click online appointment payments. This makes it easy to integrate and handle payments for any appointments that you are completing without delays. 

As well as sending out text reminders, the solution also allows business owners to send out follow ups on a 24/7 basis. This ensures that you can always remain connected to your customers without any issues.

Another advantage of this system is that you don’t have to worry about any confusing set up requirement. Instead, you’ll be ready to go as soon as you set up an account. 

The system has a wide range of integrated features that could be useful for companies including:

  • Invoicing
  • Billing
  • Payment capabilities

Pricing is reasonable starting at $14 per month. However, it is important to note that SMS messaging is only available on the business plan. This begins at $45 dper month with a free 14 day trial available to access. 

Using this reminder app, you will be provided with the option to regularly update your clients while also providing them with the complete power to book appointments how they want. 

BookedIn provides you with the option to manage a client calendar utilizing either a mobile app or the available web based solution. The service provides a variety of extra features that could be perfect for larger businesses.

Through the mobile booking and texting app, you are able to set up SMS mobile alerts which will ensure customers always remain in the loop. You will also be able to view client history while setting your specific availability for any clients. 

The website application allows you to access complete levels of customization for your booking system. This means that you will be able to guarantee that it perfectly matches your business brand. Similar to other options on this list you will also be able to fully manage client invoices. The web system is designed to be suitable for your initial set up. You can then use the mobile application on a day to day basis to keep things comfortable and easy. 

Clients will also be able to access and complete an online booking through your company website, social media or email using this service. This provides a hands-off experience for you because you’ll no longer need to worry about booking your own clients in.

A great feature with this solution is that you can set client appointments to repeat on a weekly or monthly basis. You can also set a custom time period for repeat appointments which will allow you to easily avoid conflicts in your set schedule. 

The solution also allows you to request more specific information from your client before an appointment. This ensure that you will be able to deliver the modern, personalized solution that clients are now more likely to demand. 

Prices for this service start at $24 per month for one calendar and 5 appointments per month with a range of different subscription levels to choose from. You can also access a free 14 day trial. The pro service provides an unlimited calendars at $69 per month. 


Woman using a text reminder app

As you can see there are countless text reminder apps that could be beneficial for your company. Using these solutions, you should be able to guarantee that there are far fewer no-shows in your business model that could be costing you a fortune. The best all-around solution is perhaps AppointmentReminders.com with a high level of security, budget friendly pricing and full integration with different solutions that you might already be using. 

However, there are also options such as StyleSeat designed for specific industries and sectors. ReminderCall.com may also be useful for companies that are looking for a simple solution with an easy hands off approach guaranteed. 

Below is a full table of the different applications discussed with their key features, average cost and our score.




Average Cost 


  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Various account tiers to choose from
  • HIPAA compliant package available 
  • Free downloadable demo
  • Available for sending out calls, texts or email 
  • Allows both basic and advanced integrations with different software
  • No software required making it suitable for every business 
  • Custom build your appointment reminders to match specific requirements 


A scalable service that is suitable for every type of business due to advanced security options and flexible features.

Prices start at $9.55 for small companies. 


Larger companies and healthcare businesses will benefit from higher tiers with advanced security from $99.5 per month


  • Full customization options allow you to create a system that works well for your business
  • Brand all the schedules that you add to your site or social media for a professional appearance
  • Free starting package for smaller clients
  • Dynamic auto messaging feature makes it easy to personalize any messages sent out. 
  • Downloadable reports allow you to constantly improve your system



A customizable solution provides a great option for every size of company. However, a long learning curve, limited support and lower security standards are a concern. 

Free for as many as 50 scheduled appointments


Packages available for larger businesses up to $95 per month. 


  • Built in video call bookings 
  • Quick scan QR codes provide seamless experience
  • Indepth data collection available 
  • Use recalls to arrange return services
  • Automate any reminders, confirmations and updates. 



The system provides various unique features with a high level of customization and is easy to use from day one. 

Prices start at $14 per month.


Team and Ultimate Packages are $37 and $97 per month respectively. 


  • Ability to charge fees for no-shows
  • Manage and set up a schedule of appointments online or on social media
  • Allow clients to gain complete access to your schedule and book a time that suits them. 
  • Send out reminders automatically once an appointment has been booked by a client. 


Beauty and wellness professionals could benefit from this app despite the limitations for reminders. Other companies would benefit from looking elsewhere. 

A flat fee of $35 per month is charged after the initial 30 day free trial. 


  • Automated text reminder service
  • Connects with your existing calendar to set up a booking system
  • Provides smart solutions to issues with bookings such as time zones
  • Customize emails and SMS reminders to ensure they say exactly what you need



A budget friendly solution that will suit the majority of business models with several unique features that make it worth it. 

A free service is available while Team solutions are available for $9 per month. 


An Enterprise solution is also available for larger companies at an unspecified cost. 


  • Ideal for public organizations such as schools
  • Packages for different types of businesses
  • Customization options for any messages that are send out
  • The ability to communicate in a two way conversation through the system 
  • Schedule multiple messages far in advance



A service that will be useful for reaching a massive audience with a confusing price system and limited levels of security. 

Either 5-9 cents per message Or a subscription starting at $7.50 per month. 


  • Integrates easily with countless software solutions for every business industry
  • Get direct updates on when a notification is sent out. 
  • Two-way text and email messaging solution. 
  • Receive key updates straight to your chosen mobile device. 



Built for basic appointment reminders with no bells or whistles. It also provides a high level of security including HIPAA compliant notifications. 

Standard package available at just $14.50 per month with a free trial. 


  • Email and SMS reminders can be delivered
  • Video appointment options available
  • One-click appointment payments keep invoicing simple
  • Self-service portals available for clients
  • Customize your messages to match your brand. 



This solution provides countless great features for businesses that need to send out reminders including video appointments and integrated payment options. 

Essential package available at $14 per month. 

Business package with SMS notifications starting at $45 per month. 


  • Provide clients with the option to book their own appointments around their schedule
  • Set recurring appointments to manage your calendar more effectively
  • Customize your booking forms to gain more information on clients
  • Set text or email reminders
  • Complete online payments and get paid upfront for appointments 



A comprehensive appointment and notification solution with a price point that doesn’t provide as much value as other options. 

Prices start at $24 per month with a pro unlimited package available for $69 per month