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Best Pill Reminder Apps For 2023

Person Taking a Pill

Up to 75% of Americans have trouble taking their medications regularly.  In addition, up to 125,000 deaths per year in the United States are caused by lack of medication adherence. Aside from the obvious health risks, this also costs up to $100 billion per year in preventable medical costs.

Using a pill reminder app can offer several important benefits, especially for individuals who need to take medication regularly. Here are some key reasons why using a pill reminder app can be important:

  1. Medication Adherence: Consistently taking medication as prescribed by a healthcare professional is crucial for managing various medical conditions. However, people can sometimes forget to take their pills or mix up dosages, leading to ineffective treatment. Pill reminders can help ensure you take your medication on time and in the correct dose, improving medication adherence and treatment outcomes.

  2. Health Management: Some medications require precise timing for optimal effectiveness. A pill reminder alarm can help you adhere to the prescribed schedule, helping you manage your health condition more effectively and potentially reducing symptoms and complications.

  3. Chronic Conditions: People with chronic conditions often need to take multiple medications throughout the day. Managing these medications can become complex and overwhelming. Pill reminders can help organize your medication regimen and prevent missed doses, making it easier to manage your health.

  4. Elderly Individuals: Older adults may be more prone to memory lapses and confusion, making it easier for them to forget their medications. Pill reminders for the elderly can provide visual and auditory reminders, making it simpler for them to follow their medication schedule independently.

  5. Caregiver Support: For individuals who are taking care of someone else, such as an elderly family member, a pill reminder service can offer peace of mind. Caregivers can set up reminders for their loved ones’ medications and ensure that they are being taken correctly. Some pill reminder apps can even message the caregiver when an elderly person flags that they have taken their medication.

  6. Travel and Routine Disruptions: When you’re traveling or experiencing changes in your daily routine, it can be easy to forget to take your medication. A friendly pill reminder can help you maintain your medication schedule even when your routine is disrupted.

  7. Reduced Hospitalization Risk: Poor medication adherence can lead to worsening health conditions and potential hospitalizations. By consistently taking your medication as prescribed, you can reduce the risk of complications that might require emergency medical care.

  8. Customization: Many pill reminder services allow you to customize reminders based on your medication schedule, dosage, and preferences. You can set up reminders that align with your daily routine, making it more likely that you’ll follow your medication plan.

  9. Track Progress: Some pill reminder apps also include features for tracking your medication intake and sharing this information with your healthcare provider. This can be helpful during medical appointments to discuss how well your medication regimen is working.

  10. Overall Well-being: Adhering to your medication regimen can contribute to your overall well-being and quality of life. When you’re effectively managing your health condition, you’re more likely to experience improved symptoms and a better quality of life.

Pill reminder apps can play a significant role in helping individuals maintain their health and adhere to their medication schedule. They provide an accessible and customizable way to receive reminders, track progress, and ensure that you’re taking your medication as prescribed, ultimately leading to better health outcomes.

While AppointmentReminders.com does not offer an “app”, they offer some advantages over traditional pill reminder apps.

The platform offers a range of features, including integration with Google Calendar and communication tools such as text messages, calls, and emails for both caregivers and patients. Caregivers can receive alerts when patients take their medications. The company is U.S.-based and headquartered in Denver, CO, serving diverse medical providers including mental health, physical therapy, and family practitioners. The service is HIPAA compliant and provides highly customizable text, call, and email reminders. The platform offers live onboarding and customer support, ensures the highest level of encryption, privacy, and security, and allows for the inclusion of doctor’s names and medication information.
They are a great choice if you are a caregiver for a patient and want to be informed when your patients take their meds. In this sense, it allows you to keep better track of your patients (or elderly parents), and be informed when and if they are taking their meds.

Medisafe is a well-known medication management platform and mobile app designed to help individuals and caregivers manage their medication regimens effectively. The app provides tools and features that help users keep track of their medication schedules, doses, and other important information related to their health and medications. 

Medisafe offers a comprehensive medication management system with features including customizable reminders, dose tracking, and alerts for potential medication interactions. It provides refill reminders and the ability to track health measurements like blood pressure and weight. The app supports family and caregiver connections, along with a health journal for symptom recording. Users can gain insights into their medication adherence and health trends over time through reports and insights.

MyTherapy: Your personal pill reminder and medication tracker app.

MyTherapy combines a pill reminder with a mood tracker and health journal so you can track your meds & symptoms together. You can track blood sugar, resting heart rate, and more than 20 other supported measurements.

MyTherapy not only documents your health but also allows you to visualize patterns within it. You can have a general overview but also recognize which areas of your treatment have room for improvement.

Lean on your family for more support and let your most trusted family members to be your safety net. If you forget to take your medication, your family can be the additional pill reminder needed to get back on track.

Print out the MyTherapy health report and use it as a discussion point at your next appointment. Your doctor will not only gain a deeper overview of your progress but also be able to better cater to your needs.

“Very simple app; does exactly one thing and does it very well. All I do is keep track of the medicines I’ve taken, and those I need to take. Since several of my medicines can leave me in serious danger either if I accidentally forget them or if I accidentally duplicate, this function is a godsend. I haven’t had to worry since I got it… that’s pretty wonderful. I don’t need it to do anything fancier than that.”

– Nora R.


Pill Reminder is an easy-to-use and reliable app that helps you remember to take your medications at the right time. It allows you to create any type of recurring reminders (every X hours, specific times, daily, weekly, monthly, every X days, etc). It tracks the remaining quantity of each medication and shows a refill alert when running low.

The medication management app offers a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive set of features. Users can reschedule doses if taken early or late, receive refill alerts, and manage a wide range of medications, supplements, vitamins, and birth control on regular schedules. Swift actions include marking doses as “Taken” from the lock screen. Additional capabilities comprise tracking medication throughout the day, pre-alarms, auto-snooze, note-taking, marking doses as taken or not, expiry alerts, emailing medication details to doctors, appointment reminders, adding medication photos, multi-user support, FDA Drug Database search, calendar view, data backup and restore, and a selection of 33 built-in alarm sounds.


Max – Medication Alarm is an easy-to-use and reliable app that helps you remember to take your medications at the right time. It is probably the simplest and most straightforward, easy to use app that we reviewed.

Max – Pill Reminder is a free iPhone app developed by Artify Inc. in the category of Education & Reference, specifically focused on Medicine. This easy-to-use and reliable app is designed to help users remember to take their medications at the right time.

With Max – Pill Reminder, you can register the pills you are taking and set up notifications to remind you to take them. The app offers various notification options, including daily reminders, reminders on specific days, reminders at day intervals, and reminders based on menstrual cycles. This allows you to personalize the reminders according to your medication schedule.

When you receive a push notification from Max – Pill Reminder, simply take your medication and mark it as taken within the app. If you fail to respond to the push message, the app will send you a reminder call to ensure you don’t miss your medication.

Max – Pill Reminder is a helpful tool for anyone who needs to take medications regularly. Its user-friendly interface and customizable reminders make it easy to stay on track with your medication schedule. 

Round makes it easier to remember to take your medicine, so you can worry less, live healthier, and be happier.

This simple, beautiful app organizes all of your medications and vitamins in one place.

It provides subtle, persistent reminders that go beyond awkward phone alarms. By helping you set “reminder windows” tailored to your medicine and schedule, Round accommodates life’s unpredictable distractions and removes the stress of staying healthy.

The app offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface for managing medications and vitamins. It supports intricate scheduling of doses with various schedules, and allows tracking and taking of as-needed or PRN medications. The app extends its functionality to Apple Watch through an app and complications. It provides refill reminders, persistent push notifications, streak counting, and historical tracking of past days and months. Additional features include refill tracking and reminders, a specialized flow for birth control packs, and user accounts for data backup and syncing across devices.

With their user-friendly interface, you can easily manage all of your medications in one place, ensuring that you never miss a dose again. This app is perfect for anyone who struggles to take their medication on time or has to take multiple medications each day. It’s also ideal for women who use contraceptives and want to make sure they never miss a dose.

Customize your medication schedule by entering the name of each medicine, the interval between doses, the time of the first dose, the photo and much more.

The app provides a convenient solution for scheduling and managing medications. It allows customization of pills with colors, photos, and notification sounds. Users can quickly check the time of their next dose and receive notifications to prompt medication intake. The app accommodates tracking of as-needed medications and offers a comprehensive overview of intake history.







  • Family Scheduling & Tracking
  • Drug Warning Interactions
  • Refill & Appointment Reminders
  • Resource Centers
  • 4.7 Stars on App Store
  • 82k Ratings
  • 12+ Years Old

82k Ratings

12+ Years Old

Standard: Free

Premium: $4.99mo or $39.99yr

Medisafe Premium upgrades your experience and gives you unlimited Medfriend supporters, unlimited family and friend profiles, access to 20+ health measurements, choice of a dozen Medtone reminder voices, ability to pick color themes and pillbox shapes, and no banner ads


  • Pill Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Health Journal
  • Support for high-complexity dosing schemes
  • Printable health report to share with your doctor

3.4k Ratings

4+ Years Old


“MyTherapy always has been and always will remain free to use. In order to make this possible, we cooperate with partners such as pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutes to whom medication adherence information is vital. Your personal data will never be handed over to our partners or other third parties we cooperate with.”

Pill Reminder – All in One

  • Mark Medications as Taken or Missed
  • Reschedule Medications
  • Refill Reminders
  • PRN (as needed) Medications
  • Calendar
  • Reminders for Medical Appointments
  • Email Reports to your Doctor
  • Multiple User Support

21k Ratings

12+ Years Old


• In the free version, you can add unlimited medications but only 2 reminders

• Full version with unlimited reminders is available as an In-App Purchase for $1.99

• One-Time payment. No monthly or annual fees

Max – Pill Reminder


2.2k Ratings

4+ Years Old



  • Over 10 Years in Business Reminding Customers and Patients!
  • The Highest Level of Encryption, Privacy and Security!
  • U.S. Based Company – Located in Denver, CO!
  • Highly Configurable
  • Text, Call & Email Reminders!
  • Live Onboarding and Customer Support!

10+ Years Old

$9.95 per month for the basic version

$29.95 per month for the version that allows you to link a Google Calendar

Round Health – Medicine & Pill Reminder

  • Simple and intuitive interface to viewing all of your medications and vitamins

  • Complex scheduling of various doses and schedules

  • Tracking and taking of as-needed/PRN medications

  • Apple Watch App and Complications

  • Refill reminders for medications

  • Persistent push notifications that remind you even if you forget or miss the first one

  • Streak counting and historical viewing of previous days and months

  • Refill tracking and reminders

  • Specialized flow for birth control packs

  • User accounts for backup and syncing between devices


14k Ratings

12+ Years Old


Pill Reminder Medication Alarm – Medicines & Birth Control

  • Schedule all your meds in one easy-to-use app;

  • Customize your pills with colors, photos, and notification sounds;

  • See the time of your next dose at a glance;

  • Receive notifications to remind you to take your medications;

  • Track medications that you take as you need;

  • See all your intake history.


4+ Years Old


Upgrade to the full version to remove ads and add an unlimited number of medications to your schedule.

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