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Best Apps for Tattoo Artists in 2023

Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artists have a variety of apps available to help them with different aspects of their work, ranging from design and communication to business management. Some of the types of apps that are commonly used by tattoo artists include:

  1. Design and Drawing Apps: Apps that assist artists in creating and editing tattoo designs digitally.

  2. Reference and Inspiration Apps: Platforms that offer a collection of images and designs for inspiration and reference.

  3. Communication and Scheduling Apps: Apps that facilitate communication with clients and help schedule appointments.

  4. Portfolio Apps: Platforms for tattoo artists to showcase their work and create online portfolios.

  5. Business Management Apps: Apps for managing appointments, payments, and other business-related tasks.

  6. Anatomy and Reference Apps: Tools that provide anatomical references and resources for accurate design creation.

  7. Language Translation Apps: Apps to help artists communicate with clients who speak different languages.

  8. Health and Safety Apps: Apps that offer guidance on safety protocols and emergency procedures.

These categories cover a range of needs that tattoo artists might have to enhance their work, streamline their processes, and manage their business more effectively.

Design, Drawing and Reference Apps for Tattoo Artists

Try on virtual tattoos with AUGMENTED REALITY before it’s inked forever. The app projects any tattoo design on any part of your body so you can see how it will look.

The InkHunter app features a cool use of augmented reality that allows you to test-drive a tattoo on your body in real time.

The result is realistic enough that it might empower you to finally schedule that appointment—or go back to the drawing board.

You can start by browsing a gallery of designs from tattoo artists worldwide. Find one you like and tap “try”—the app will pull up your iOS device’s camera, with three lines superimposed, in a U shape (or “smile,” as InkHunter calls it).

Draw three similar lines on your body with a pen, at the approximate scale you think you’d like the tattoo to be. Position the camera view to roughly match the lines you’ve drawn and voilà: The tattoo appears onscreen, on your skin, as if you’d spent hours in the chair under the needle.

Inkhunter Image 1

Sketchbook is an award-winning sketching, painting, and drawing app for anyone who loves to draw. Artists and illustrators love Sketchbook for its professional-grade feature set and highly customizable tools. Everyone loves Sketchbook for its elegant interface and natural drawing experience, free of distractions so you can focus on capturing and expressing your ideas.

This drawing app offers a comprehensive range of brush types, including pencils, markers, airbrushes, and smudge tools, all designed to closely mimic their physical counterparts. These brushes are highly customizable, allowing you to achieve your desired artistic style. The app also provides precision tools such as guides, rulers, and stroke support, enhancing accuracy in your work. With a full set of layer options and blend modes, you have the flexibility to create and experiment with drawings and colors. Designed specifically for sketching, the interface is minimalist, ensuring an unobtrusive environment for your creative focus. 

Unlocking the Premium Bundle provides additional features like importing/exporting brushes, creating custom brushes, more color harmonies, gradients, reference image color selection, palette extraction from images, layer grouping, layer masking blend modes, and PDF exporting capabilities, expanding your creative possibilities.


Tattoodo curates the best tattoo artists and makes it easy for customers to connect to the right artist.

Tattoodo Leads: As an artist, you’ll see all of the Tattoodo Leads in your account. You can choose to start a conversation with anyone who has submitted a request that matches your style. To succeed with Tattoodo Leads and fill your books constantly, you’ll need to be proactive in your outreach and checking back for every new lead. You’ll also get regular updates via email and push notifications with recaps of all the new Tattoodo Leads in your current location.

Direct bookings: When a client finds your profile and wants to book a consultation/appointment, they can immediately submit a request on your profile. You’ll be able to set your availability and communicate with the client directly through the app or on the web. You can also send & receive payment requests to the clients.

Client communications: Communicating with clients is paramount for a seamless process. Whether it’s messaging in a timely fashion or sending a payment, communication is key to make sure the client knows who, what, when, and how the appointment will proceed. Also, ensure that you receive real-time updates in profile > notifications.


Use Virtual Tattoo Maker to add beautiful virtual tattoos and artist fonts on your body

How to Use:

Start by loading an existing photo or capturing a new one. Next, infuse your image with personality by incorporating tattoos and fonts. You have the flexibility to adjust the placement of your tattoos and fonts on the photo, allowing you to rotate, move, and scale them to your liking. Finally, effortlessly share your creation with your audience by posting it directly to popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or send it as a quick text message, ensuring that your unique design reaches the right audience with ease!


Within this app, you have an array of options at your fingertips. You can select from over 90 pre-installed designer tattoos available through in-app purchases, as well as over 40 pre-installed designer fonts with similar accessibility. Fine-tune your designs by resizing your chosen tattoos to achieve the ideal scale, and experiment with transparency and color adjustments. To perfect the placement, effortlessly move your tattoos around the image until you find the desired position. With its user-friendly interface, this app is designed to be simple and intuitive. Once your masterpiece is ready, share it instantly with the world through easy sharing and posting features, ensuring that your creative vision reaches its intended audience promptly.

Tattoo Maker Ink Art

Design & Drawing Apps for Tattoo Artists Chart






  • Try on your own tattoo design, choose one from their gallery, or search the web.

  • Check out your tattoo from different angles!

  • Make tattoos look real using the advanced photo editor.

  • Improved “create text tattoo” section and added more fonts

23.1k Ratings


Premium is $1.99


  • A full complement of brush types: pencils markers, airbrushes, smear and more that look and feel just like their physical counterparts

  • Brushes are highly customizable so you can create just the look you want
  • Guides, rulers and stroke tools support precision when you need it

  • Layers with a full complement of blend modes deliver the flexibility to build up and explore drawings and color

  • Purpose-built for sketching, the interface is clean and unobtrusive so you can focus on drawing



215k Ratings


Premium is $1.99 and you get:

  • Import and export brushes
  • Create your own custom brushes
  • Additional color harmonies
  • Additional custom gradients
  • Select color from reference images
  • Extract color palettes from images
  • Import and export color palettes
  • Layer grouping
  • Layer masking Blend Modes
  • Export to PDF


  • Connects customers to tattoo artists
  • See and follow-up on leads
  • Direct Bookings
  • Communicate with clients
  • Accept Payments
  • Schedule through the app

7.1k Ratings

Free for Customers


  • Artist Pro Subscription$29.99
  • Studio Pro Subscription$79.99

Virtual Tattoo Maker – Ink Art

  • Load or take a photo.
  • Add tattoos and fonts on it.
  • Drag your tattoos and fonts around the photo (roate, move and scale).
  • Share directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or send as a text message!
  • Choose from 90+ pre-installed designer tattoos with IAP.
  • Choose from 40+ pre-installed designer fonts with IAP.
  • Resize your tattoos to the perfect scale.
  • Change the transparency and color.
  • Move your tattoos around the image to find the perfect position.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Instant sharing and posting.

5.7k Ratings


The subscriptions are $2.99 USD weekly, $7.99 USD monthly and $29.99 USD annually.

With TattooMaker Plus Subscription you can subscribe for daily new picture updates and unlimited access to the full picture catalog.

– You’ll be able to access all available pictures and receive daily updates for the duration of your subscription.

Business and Communication Apps for Tattoo Artists

Tattoo Reminder Apps

AppointmentReminders.com can help your tattoo business thrive by sending tattoo reminders to your clients via text, call or email. This is particularly useful for clients that may have to have multiple sessions to complete larger, more complex tattoo designs. With our service you can send Tattoo text message reminders simply and easily!

By linking your Google Calendar, you can use all the features of google with the addition of sending out reminders. This way your customers will never miss their tattoo appointments, ensuring the best use of your time.

  • Choose the outreach type (call, text, or email – or any combination)
  • Build your tattoo reminders with your own content
  • Include custom fields in your tattoo reminder texts, calls, or emails such as Customer Name, Company Name, Appt Date & Time, Phone Numbers and More!
  • Allow your customers to respond with up to 3 keywords (e.g. 1 to confirm, C to confirm, “cancel”, etc…)
  • Create your phone call tattoo reminders using our in-house library of voice files and text blocks or record/create your own!
  • Set up a Caller ID so phone calls originate from your office number.
  • Configure your email tattoo reminders to use your company branding including your logo and colors
  • Include custom messages in your reminders such as room numbers, amounts due, artist name, etc…
    Create additional appointment reminder types for different appointment types, clinics, or locations.
Appointment Reminders Logo

Vagaro Pro is a salon and spa management software that can be adapted for tattoo studios. It includes appointment booking, client management, inventory tracking, and marketing tools.

This versatile app offers a comprehensive solution for your business needs. Firstly, it efficiently manages your customer database, storing essential information such as contact details, photos, notes, allergies, formulas, appointment history, and spending trends. Secondly, with just one tap, you can effortlessly import all your iPhone contacts, including customer contact information, memberships, packages, inventory, and gift certificates – all at no extra cost. For a premium experience, it also allows you to import appointments, class details, notes, and service menus. Additionally, you can easily capture and incorporate photos for your mobile-friendly webpage. Lastly, the app provides a robust system to track referrals and birthdays, enabling you to execute targeted email marketing campaigns right from the convenience of your app.

It also provides easy access to daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views for tattoo studio, and it seamlessly allows you to switch between different locations if needed. Secondly, you can efficiently search for available appointments across your calendar or the entire business.

It automates customer communication by sending email and SMS text reminders and confirmation requests. The app’s flexibility extends to customizing services, classes, pricing, and duration to suit your business needs. It’s compatible with mobile services, allowing you to cater to clients on the go. The intuitive drag-and-drop feature simplifies appointment management with just one finger. Lastly, you can effortlessly handle your waitlist and even allow customers to add themselves to it online, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and business efficiency.


Square Appointments is a flexible scheduling system for your business and a simple booking tool for your clients. New and existing clients can easily find details about your services, view your availability, and book appointments from your website or from your free Square booking site.

It offers online appointment booking, a user-friendly calendar for managing appointments and staff, automated reminders, client database management, and integrated payment processing. The software also provides inventory management, reporting tools, and customization options for services and pricing. It’s accessible through mobile devices and can integrate with Square’s POS systems, creating a comprehensive solution for businesses to efficiently manage appointments, payments, and client relationships.

Square Appointments

Mindbody is a versatile business management app that caters to various wellness and beauty industries, including tattoo studios. It offers appointment scheduling, marketing tools, and client management features.

Mindbody Business app lets you easily manage and run your business from anywhere with instant access to your most important information: clients, schedule, point-of-sale, and business metrics. Your staff can manage their own schedules and see who’s signed up for appointments on-the-go directly from any iPhone or iPad. You can even fill empty spots and increase client engagement with shareable links that promote your business and schedule through your social networks. 

– Run your business smoothly with you and your staff’s schedules at your fingertips.

– Drive in-person sales with an easy to use point-of-sale experience .

– Eliminate long lines at your front desk by checking clients in.

– Provide clients with a personalized experience by quickly viewing their information, including purchases and visit history.

– Always keep track of how your business is performing with access to real-time metrics and reports.


Business and Communication Apps for Tattoo Artists






  • Over 10 Years in Business Reminding Customers and Patients!
  • The Highest Level of Encryption, Privacy and Security!
  • U.S. Based Company – Located in Denver, CO!
  • Highly Configurable
  • Text, Call & Email Reminders!
  • Live Onboarding and Customer Support!
  • Connect Google Calendar
  • Create Your Reminders from the Ground Up!
  • Unlimited Reminder Templates and Options
  • Get Client Replies in Real Time or send them automatically to your Google Calendar
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Highly Flexible and Customizeable!

Over 10+ Years in Business

$9.95 per month for the basic version

$29.95 per month for the version that allows you to link a Google Calendar

Higher Tiers Available as well!

Vagaro Pro

  • Add & view appts in daily/weekly/monthly calendar views. Easily switch to your other locations.
  • Search available appts on your calendar or the whole business.
  • Triple-book appts to work on customers simultaneously.
  • Manage equipment and/or rooms.
  • Add weekly recurring appts or personal time off, for you or staff.
  • Automatically send email & SMS tattoo text reminders & confirmation requests to customers.
  • Customize services, pricing, duration.
  • Works w/ mobile services
  • Manage your waitlist and allow customers to add themselves to it online.

7.5k Ratings


Premium is $25 per month and up and you get:

  • Free transfer of all your data from any software
  • Customizable calendar with waitlist & resource management
  • Free listing with unlimited daily deals and bookings on the Vagaro Marketplace
  • Automated notifications & appointment reminders
  • Online booking on Vagaro, Instagram, Facebook & Apple Maps
  • Business & employee booking widget
  • Advanced reporting to run your business
  • Create & manage customer loyalty programs
  • 1,000 free email marketing messages to send each month
  • Create, send, & manage invoices
  • Sell memberships, packages, & gift certificates
  • 24/7 Live phone, email & chat support with free training

Square Appointments

  • Online Appointment Booking: Customers can schedule appointments based on the availability set by the business. 
  • Calendar Management: Calendar interface that allows businesses to view and manage their appointments in daily, weekly, or monthly formats.
  • Automated Reminders: Send automated email and text message tattoo reminders to clients, reducing no-shows and missed appointments.
  • Client Management: Allows businesses to maintain a client database with contact information and appointment history.
  • Payment Processing: Integrates seamlessly with Square’s payment processing services.
  • POS Integration: Can be integrated with Square Point of Sale (POS) systems, creating a unified system for managing appointments and processing payments in-store.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Square Appointments provides reporting and analytics tools to help businesses track their appointment bookings, revenue, and other key performance indicators.

  • Mobile Accessibility: The software is accessible through mobile devices, allowing business owners and staff to manage appointments and access client information on the go.

  • Customization: Allows businesses to customize their booking page, services, and pricing to match their specific needs and branding.


153k Ratings

 There are three monthly plans: Free, Plus, and Premium, and each is on a per-location basis. Custom pricing is available for businesses that process over $250K in annual revenue.

The basics to run your own business while staying ahead of schedule.

More advanced features for growing teams that offer top-notch service.

per month per location.

A complete plan that meets complex booking and staff management needs.

per month per location.

Mindbody Business

  • Appointment Scheduling: Clients can book online or through a mobile app, and businesses can manage their schedules efficiently.

  • Client Management: Businesses can store client information, appointment history, preferences, and notes to provide personalized services.

  • Online Booking: Clients can book and pay for services online, and businesses can customize their booking pages to match their branding and services.

  • Point of Sale (POS): Mindbody offers a POS system that enables businesses to process payments, sell products, and track inventory directly from the software.

  • Marketing and Communication: The platform provides marketing tools such as email and SMS marketing, client reviews, and referral programs to help businesses attract and retain customers.

  • Reporting and Analytics: Businesses can access detailed reports and analytics to track performance, revenue, attendance, and other key metrics.

  • Staff Management: Mindbody allows businesses to manage staff schedules, track commissions, and monitor performance.

  • Inventory Management: For businesses selling retail products, the software offers inventory tracking and management features.

  • Membership and Loyalty Programs: Businesses can create and manage memberships, loyalty programs, and packages to encourage customer loyalty.

  • Automated Tattoo Reminders: Mindbody sends automated appointment reminders and confirmations via email and SMS to reduce no-shows.

  • Mobile Apps: Both clients and staff can access Mindbody through mobile apps, making it convenient to manage schedules and appointments on the go.

  • Integrations: The software integrates with various third-party applications and tools, including payment processors, accounting software, and marketing platforms.

  • Customization: Businesses can customize the software to match their specific needs, including service menus, pricing, and branding.

  • Client Self-Service: Clients can manage their profiles, book appointments, and make payments through a self-service portal, reducing administrative work for businesses.

  • HIPAA Compliance: For healthcare and wellness providers, Mindbody offers features that comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect client data.

  • Multi-Location Support: Mindbody supports businesses with multiple locations, allowing them to manage all their facilities from a centralized dashboard.


21k Ratings

MINDBODY’s price varies depending on selected package, ranging from $129-$349 per month. All packages include a free demo. Essential Plan: $129 per month. Includes scheduling, point-of-sale, and reporting.