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Many doctors’ offices and the like use automatic appointment reminders to send friendly reminders to their clients of their appointment. This method has been proven to increase appointment attendance by 80% or more; but while reminder programs are successfully used in this way, there may be another method that you might be overlooking. This method has also been proven to produce excellent results for any office that requires excellent record keeping and good documentation.

Information is a primary organizational asset that is needed now and in the future. Good record keeping and perfect documentation support the good business. Studies have shown that using automatic reminders to your staff for specific documentation tasks have improved proper documentation by over 80%! In fact, pubmed.gov have done extensive studies to show how automatic reminders to your staff can save your business money. For auditing, reimbursement, or similar purposed, good recordkeeping is the information you can trust to find. Easy reminder programs, such as Appointmentreminders.com, that only cost a few dollars per month can save your practice significant amounts of money and time annually. Choosing to use an automatic reminder program should be an easy decision.

In addition to good documentation, automatic reminders can also keep your staff on track when they need to remember very specific and very important tasks. If your online calendar has specific days designated with specific tasks you can easily integrate automatic reminders with your calendar to make the work week that much easier. Sign up for your Appointmentreminder program now to see how easy and effective our program is!

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