If you’ve upgraded to Microsoft 10 then you’re already familiar with one of the new features – Cortana. This feature is similar to Siri (from Apple) in that the program is an interactive element which you can use to find specific information on your computer or online, help you stay organized, and even set reminders. In fact, one of the features Windows is implementing into Cortana is the ability to scan your emails and online calendars to create automatic reminders. What they don’t tell you is Cortana actually automatically runs in the background of your computer and records just about everything you’re doing. This information is used to create customizations, such as online searches, based on your preferences, but the information is also sent to Windows as part of their studies. Keep in mind Cortana is a feature you can turn off so it only runs when you use it instead of running all the time; but the purpose of this article is not to talk about disabling Cortana, we want to discuss how creating your own automatic reminders or calendar reminders can help you stay organized in your day to day life.

When you schedule an appointment or event in Google Calendar it will automatically create a reminder for you. This calendar can be synced to your phone so the reminder can show up on your laptop and also on your cell phone. If Cortana automatically creates a reminder as well you may end up with two reminders for the same thing, going off at the same time, and yes that could be as annoying as it sounds. Instead of depending on Google Calendar or Cortana, one of the best things you can do for your schedule is created your own reminders. Using our AppointmentReminders.com program you can remind yourself of the most important meetings and remind your clients as well! You can skip the annoying multiple pop-ups on your phone or calendar and depend on only one pop-up that you’ve created yourself.

Creating your own appointment reminders will allow you to customize and prioritize your schedule while also reminding your clients that you are a priority in their schedule as well. For only $9.95 you can start your own account and start taking control of your schedule now!

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