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Have you been hearing the term “the new normal” a lot lately? Even television commercials and social media posts are calling this era “the new normal”. We are moving into a post-pandemic life while COVID-19 vaccine distribution increases. Most would agree that some permanent changes have occurred as a result of the pandemic. One of those changes include those who will now be working from home permanently and businesses who need to retool to ensure the success of this change. Here are a few important tools to consider incorporating into your business toolkit now.

Automated Appointment Reminders

If you have not already started using automated appointment reminders then you will be glad you are reading this blog! Automated appointment reminders are a fantastic tool to reduce administrative work, increase your staff’s time to do more important tasks, and keep both you and your clients on track. In face, appointment reminders have been shown to decrease no-shows by as much as 80%!

Integrated HealthCare

After the increase in mental health and related health concerns in 2020, many businesses have integrated mental health into their work life. Some of these changes include promoting a certain amount of breaks every shift, restricting emails or logins after a certain time, or even offering health perks to employees such as yoga memberships. The importance of good mental health has come to the forefront of the news and incorporated important permanent changes.

A great use of appointment reminders is the ability to even send out health and wellness reminders. For example, you can send a reminder to yourself or all of your employees to remind them to prioritize self care:

“Don’t forget to take your morning and afternoon breaks today. Your mental health is important and we believe in practicing self-care.”

AppointmentReminders.com is also HIPPAA compliant, which means you can use our program to send out medical reminders as well. This is especially useful as the CDC has reported less individuals receiving their second dose of the vaccine after getting their first dose.

Flexible Working Hours

For many parents, their children have attended school from home. Juggling a child’s education and a work schedule is very challenging and some companies have attempted to ease the difficulties by offering more flexible work schedules. Now that summer is upon us, and vaccine distributions have increased globally, many students will be returning to school in-person in the fall. However, that doesn’t mean you should remove the flexible schedule option. More likely, keeping those options in place will increase employee productivity and help promote a more healthy work-life balance.

Appointment reminders is here to help you keep your business profitable and reliable. Start with our 30-day free trial to see how much automated appointment reminders can help you and your business.