Automated appointment reminders don’t need you to work. In fact, they need very little to do what you need them to do. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal assistant that required very little management? Here’s why automated appointment reminders are exactly what you need.

You can go on vacation but your appointment reminders will keep working

If you’re in vacation you may be thinking you wouldn’t have any appointments. However, don’t you dread coming back from vacation only to work overtime playing catch-up? Your reminders will keep your clients updated, maybe even reminding them when you will be on vacation and unavailable.

You can also use automated appointment reminders to remind yourself of pending appointments upon your return to work. No matter what you might be doing, once you’ve set up your appointments you can be completely handed off.

Automated appointment reminders don’t fear bad weather

Recently you may notice the world has been experiencing a particularly active hurricane and earthquake season. However, our program is cloud-based which means if the weather doesn’t directly affect our area, then your schedule won’t be affected either.

Another great way to use your reminders might be to remind your clients of a pending interruption in work, such as a storm. This could entice your clients to move up your meeting to complete business before the interruption, which works in your favor.

Automated appointment reminders are easy to use and require little management

Our appointment reminders can easily integrate with your existing system. This allows using and learning to use our program that much easier. You can sync your schedule or calendar with our program. Our goal is for our program to be both easily integrated and easy to manage.

It’s time for you to sign up for your free trial! You have no obligation to continue using our services after you sign up. In fact, we don’t even require a credit card! Sign up here.

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