Automated appointment reminders are now widely used by medical professionals around the world. These professionals include doctors, dentists, or other medical practitioners. But now, thanks to the ease and effectiveness of these programs, other industries are finding appointment reminders to have a big impact on their business.

The Beauty Industry

Hair salons, barber shops, spas, masseuses, and beauty parlors. You may spend many hours per day calling to remind and confirm appointments. This task is a waste of time, and time is money; which means it is a waste of money. Instead, you can integrate our appointment reminder program with your existing scheduling program. Now you have cut this task time in half and decreased no-show clients. Using appointment reminders has a direct effect on increasing your bottom line!

Accountants and Finance

If you are an accountant, you are likely meeting with clients every week. If not every week, maybe even every day. This means you or your assistant has to spend hours each week calling to confirm appointments, set appointments, or reschedule appointments. Instead, you could be using automated appointment reminders. Our appointment reminder program can be automated to send out a text message to your client. Your client can even answer the text directly to confirm or reschedule. This will free up your time or your assistant’s time so you can focus on tasks that directly effect your bottom line. Using appointment reminders is one of the easiest ways to increase your business!

Are you missing out?

As you can see from our examples above, many industries can use automated appointment reminders. Are you missing out? After reading our article, do you feel that you could directly benefit from our program? Keep in mind, our program can be easily integrated with most existing scheduling programs. In fact, you can hire us to do it for you! But most importantly, free up your time to focus on more important tasks. Decreases your no-shows and increase your bottom line for $9.99/month.

Are you interested in learning more? Do you want to see what our reminders look like? You can send yourself a free demo directly from our website. And after you see that you love it, sign up for our 30 day free trial! In fact, there is no credit card required and no obligation to continue. Click here to sign up!

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