In general, people will miss their scheduled appointments by up to 80% in their lifetime. And that number increases the closer we get to the holidays. That’s a pretty huge chunk of your bottom line being both lost and depleted when those appointments aren’t rescheduled (and even when they are). There are many strategies and tools that can be used to address the issue of missed appointments, but automated appointment reminders is by far the best one. Read more below to find out why!

Automated Appointment Reminders

Research has shown that automated appointment reminders have consistently decreased no-shows by as much as 80%. This means an immediate and dramatic impact directly on your bottom line. Text message appointment reminders have proven to work better than any other form of appointment reminders because everyone is on their phones – basically all the time. Email reminders are another very convenient platform for communication and reminders. No matter which you prefer, we offer any and all types. You can start a free trial here.

Starring Automation Features

Appointment reminders can give both you and your staff important time to do more essential tasks. The automation features and integration with your calendar and your existing programs create a very user-friendly dashboard for anyone to use. These automated reminders can send out information for appointments or conferences, surveys, collect feedback, and much more. These features set the foundation for very effective communication on both ends.

Make Enrollment Easy

Be sure to ask your patients to enroll in your appointment reminders and make the enrollment process as easy as possible. The more steps your customer has to take, the less likely they will complete the process. Streamlining this process will also make it easier on your staff, thus again reducing the cost of time.

While most might agree that 2020 has already been a challenging year, with plenty of year left to be had, this could actually be your best year yet! Use appointment reminders to ensure that it will be. Decrease your no-shows by as much as 80% and increase your bottom line! Start with our free 30-day trial.

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