How to Send a Friendly Reminder

How to Send a Friendly Reminder to Customers One of the most important aspects of running a business is making sure you are following up with your customers. Things often slip through the cracks during everyday life, and sometimes people forget about things they’ve booked or meetings they should be attending. That’s why sending a […]

3 Benefits of Using Email Appointment Reminders

3 Benefits of Using Email Reminders A missed appointment is a missed opportunity. Email appointment reminders are an excellent tool to create effective communication between your office and your customers or patients. However, few offices utilize automated appointment reminders. Instead, you may still require your staff to dedicate hours every day making phone calls. In […]

Screening Reminders

Screening Reminders Screening is the process of looking for cancer in people who have no symptoms of the disease. As a clinician, you know the importance of screenings in preventing cancer and finding it early. Encouraging patients to be screened, however, can be a challenge. That’s why it’s important to have a screening policy that […]

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Increase Patient Satisfaction Some medical practices claim they “put patients first” but for the patient who has had bad previous experiences, these broad statements are simply not enough. A practice that does put its patients first in both healthcare and happiness is sure to stand out. Here are three easy ways you can use marketing to increase patient satisfaction. […]

Mental Health Reminders

Mental Health Reminders Over 10.7% of the world population is battling with mental health issues. As a result, to the needs of people the data shows the overwhelming demand for Mental Health services.. A sure way to ensure mental health professionals increase their efficiency and help more people is by automating their appointment scheduling and mental […]

Improve Patient Communication with Appointment Reminders

patient communication

Improve Patient Communication with Appointment Reminders Patient communication is a vital component of a successful office. Patient communication builds loyalty, improves customer service, and encourages referrals. This is why having an adaptable tool, such as appointment reminders, is a necessary feature. You can easily do improve patient communication with our appointment reminder system, and we’re […]

Online Reminder

Online Reminder There are hundreds of things to juggle when running your medical practice or company. It can be difficult to decide where to focus your efforts. Some practices and companies hesitate to implement an appointment reminder system because they worry that it might take up too much time for their staff to set up. Some […]

Annual Physical Reminders

Annual Physical Reminders We all know we’re supposed to go to the dentist twice a year, and that most of us should get an Annual Physical. Depending on your age, there may be other regular tests or preventative screenings you should get. Even though you know you should go, there’s always some reason not to. Maybe you […]

Meeting Reminder

MEETING REMINDER Reminding your customers to come to their appointments is easier than ever through our automated meeting reminder service. Many customers these days even EXPECT you to send them a meeting reminder. When using our automated meeting reminders, you can send a meeting reminder in your customer’s preferred outreach method (call, text, or email) […]

Cancellation Policy Template

Cancellation Policy Template So how do you make sure you don’t lose appointments due to no-shows going into 2022? You can do it by creating a well-drafted appointment cancellation policy. When a patient fails to show up for the scheduled appointment, it does not just affect the patient but also has a bearing on the practice. […]