New Website Portal Released!

New Website Portal Released Hi! We are announcing the release of our brand new website portal! The new layout and design was created with a focus on usability. With our new interface, you will find it easier than ever to create, schedule, and send out your reminders. Some of the things you can do… Create […]

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Appointment Reminder Software

Appointment Reminder Software FAQs Appointment Reminder Software can be used by many organizations, businesses and professionals who need to remind customers about upcoming appointments. For instance, therapists must communicate with clients about the time and date of their next session. Of course, manually reminding users is time-consuming and costly. It can be a significant […]

Best Text Reminder Apps For 2022

Best Text Reminder Apps For 2022 Missed appointments cost businesses a fortune. This guide explores the best text reminder apps to guarantee customers will miss less appointments in 2022. Research suggests that within 24 hours, 70% of the new information a person has picked up is already forgotten. That’s why it’s hardly surprising that customers […]

Tutorial 13 – How to Send Text Messages in Real Time from our System

Send Text Messages to your Customers in Real Time In addition to sending out pre-scheduled appointment reminders via text messages, our system also allows you to have two-way text message conversations with your customers in real time. This feature allows you to respond to any inquiries by your customers.  It also allows you to do […]

Best Appointment Reminder Template to Reduce No Shows

Doctor looking at his watch

In this post, I will show you the most effective techniques for reducing no shows when sending out appointment reminders. I will also give you the best appointment reminder template that you can use when sending out your reminders.

EMRs Built-In Appointment Reminders Vs Appointment Reminder Service

EMR with Built In Appointment Reminders

EMRs With Built-In Reminders Vs An Appointment Reminder Service What is an EMR or EHR? There are many EMRs (Electronic Medical Record) or EHR (Electronic Health Record) services out there today. Long gone are the days where even a small clinic could maintain health records in written form. EMR services such as Epic, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, […]

Call Reminders Vs Text Reminders Vs Email Reminders

Call Text Email Blocks

Phone Call Reminders Vs Text Reminders Vs Email Reminders What is the best type of appointment reminder to send to your patients or customers? Different situations may call for different types of outreach. Should you send a phone call reminder or is it better to send a text reminder? Maybe this situation calls for an […]

NEW – Appointment Reminders Upload Service Features

appointment reminders windows application

We have just released a new enhanced version of our downloadable Appointment Reminders Upload Service. The Appointment Reminders Upload Service is a downloadable windows application that will upload files to us securely and automatically. Simply choose the local folder where you want to place your upload files and configure the service to upload the files […]

NEW- Features for Google Calendar Reminders

google calendar reminders

We have been hard at work releasing several awesome new updates to our linked Google Calendars! We have always had the ability to read appointments from linked Google Calendars in a couple of ways. Our Google TAGS allowed you to place information within the <> brackets with customer information as well as appointment reminder type […]