In 2015 we launched a new feature called triggers. This feature allows you to create multiple reminders for an appointment or send text or email alerts when conditions are met. In this article we’ve create two case studies to show you how you can use these triggers.

Case Study #1

Most medical practitioners will send an appointment reminder to their patients a few days to the day before the scheduled appointment. However, an additional reminder on the day of the appointment can also come in handy. In fact, this has shown to decrease patient no shows. To do this, you can set a trigger that will schedule an additional reminder to go out the day before an appointment when a reminder that goes out a week before an appointment is sent.

Case Study #2

In many cases, every office can benefit from customer feedback. And the best time to get the feedback is right after a completed appointment. You can use a trigger to set a message that is sent to your patient after their appointment has passed.

Lastly, the triggers can work both ways. You can set up a trigger to send to you if your customer has canceled their appointment. You can also use multiple mediums to set up a trigger. For example, you can set up a trigger that starts with a text message and if that fails it can roll over to a call or email reminder.

We wanted to make this as easy as possible for you to use so we created a video tutorial! Our tutorial will shows you how easy it is to use this feature and all the great ways you can use it for both your office and your customers. If you have any trouble with integration or using our program our help line is always open. You can also directly chat with us on our website. Happy triggering!

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