Virtual appointments are becoming a common option among physicians. Virtual appointments were created to expedite routine medical appointments and have shown to be effective. Here’s why we might be seeing more of them.

1. Virtual appointments are more convenient

For the patient who routinely visits their practitioner to have a prescription filled, this can become very wary. Chronic health issues or common sickness, like the flu, don’t necessarily require a face-to-face visit.

2. Insurance will cover virtual appointments

Most insurance providers include virtual appointments as a benefit in their plan. For patients who get sick over the weekend, a virtual appointment can save them a trip to the urgent care facility, saving both time and money.

3. Missed appointments still count as missed appointments

If you miss your virtual media appointment, it counts as any other appointment. For providers, reminding your patients about these appointments are still just as important. The good news is, you can integrate automated appointment reminders into your virtual systems. Making the feature even easier and more effective.

Virtual appointments are not made for emergencies

Medical emergencies cannot be managed through a virtual system. For any medical emergencies, you will still need to see a physician, emergency room, etc. is the perfect system to integrate into your virtual medical program. With virtual appointments, you can also send out automated reminders. Start your free trial here!

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