Mobile applications have changed the way we communicate with each other. Apps have also changed businesses on multiple levels. Utilizing various applications has opened a world of effective communication. Medical practitioners and patients are no exception. There are a few key apps for your patients that we will highlight below. Some of these new apps were created to target a specific subset of people. Some of the apps can target specific conditions. All of these apps can make communicating with your patient easier.

Recommended for Patients

Patients can take care of themselves more effectively through new apps. These new management apps are designed to help manage specific medical conditions. For example, a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) management app. The app will guide you on how to diet, exercise, take medication, and more. In addition, the program’s bright, simple layout means you can easily assess your symptoms and make decisions on medication use to prevent respiratory crisis. COPD is one of a number of chronic conditions including diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. As a doctor you can suggest and encourage your patients to research an app that might help them manage their condition more effectively. With so many new apps launching every single day, chances are high there will be one specifically for them.

Apps for the Elderly

Applications are being launched every day. In fact, some of these apps are created specifically for the elderly. Retired adults are not usually targets for high-tech products. However, these advances are part of the wave of innovation making medical processes more efficient through mobile devices. A great example of this innovation is the new AlzhaTV app. This application has been designed for Alzheimer patients. The application allows friends and families to upload videos in real time which would play on the patient’s TV. The goal of the application is to keep the family and patient connected through video.

Like many applications, the goal is to give seniors helpful tools for making everyday life easier. Fox Hill Residences recently published an article highlighting the top 18 innovative apps for seniors. You may be surprised to see what is on this list!

Apps for the Practitioner

To improve our ability to diagnose, treat, and care for a variety of medical conditions we are using new technology. One up-and-coming technology trend is telehealth. Some of the tools include services that allow video conferencing between doctors and patients. Apps for your patients will increase effective communication and impress with new technology.

You always be on the cutting-edge of your industry to push yourself as a professional and offer the absolute best services you possible can to your patients, partners and staff. Furthermore, the entire healthcare industry is being disrupted by the introduction of new technology. Therefore, you want to be on the right side of it. If you need to research specific apps, the Apple App Store breaks up the distinction between the popular healthcare apps into the following categories:

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