This is a short story about one woman who was afraid of learning something new, appointment reminders. The fear of new technology was holding her and her office staff back from freeing up their time and increasing business profit. Could this be your office manager?

Embracing new technology is intimidating

I noticed my dentist office was still using their staff to call patients daily to remind them about their appointments. Naturally, I inquired as to why they weren’t using automated appointment reminders. I was shocked to learn the office manager refused to implement any new programs. She, in particular, didn’t want to learn something new. She was holding everyone back, including the business as a whole, because of her fear to learn something new.

Facing fears head on

Instinctively, as a business owner myself, I couldn’t help but turn to one train of thought. How could the business owner allow the office manager to stop the progress of the business? Because that’s exactly what she was doing. Why did one person’s fear get to dictate such a huge piece of business?

How much is your business worth? Because that’s how much this is costing you

Appointment reminders are shown to increase patient no-shows and cancellations by 80%. That’s a staggering direct contribution to your bottom line. Battling patient no-shows is an epidemic and appointment reminders offers an effective solution. So if one person in your practice is holding this back, how much is it worth to you? Because that’s how much not using appointment reminders is costing you.

Conclusion: step up

Every office manager, staff, and business owner has the duty to push their business forward. Because if you’re staying still, then essentially you’re moving backwards. At we make our program so easy, you really have no reason to be intimidated. We even offer to do the integration for you, which makes the transition extremely smooth. It’s time to step up to the plate! Start with our 30-day free trial, and if you don’t absolutely love it, we want to hear why.

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