Children between the ages of newborn to three years old will experience many, many doctor visits. In fact, according to Baby Center, your child will see the doctor an average of 5 times or more each year between those ages. That’s a total of 15 doctor appointments, most times more than that! How does a parent with a very busy schedule keep track of all these appointments and makes sure there are no care gaps? How does a doctor office make sure the parents show up to all of these appointments?

Automatic appointment reminders are extremely beneficial for both a doctor’s office and the parent’s calendar. Appointment reminders decrease staff tasks and phone calls. In fact, most phone calls made to parents end up in voicemails and staff has no idea if the parents actually receive the message. With automatic reminders that can be sent via text, email, or phone message, you almost guarantee the parent has received the message and will show up to the appointment.

From the perspective of a parent with a very busy schedule, they might have reminders going off all day or never use reminders. Automatic reminders will sync with most calendars. Parents can set reminders about the doctor visits as well, including what they need to bring to the appointment if they need to bring anything. These reminders have repeatedly shown an increase in attendance to appointments from 80 – 100%. Use to start your account now and test out the program. Once you see the great benefits, you won’t want to live without it!

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