Appointment Reminders for Accountants

Appointment Reminders for Accountants

As an accountant, it’s very important that your clients have full trust in your services. Appointment Reminders saves you time and makes you money by allowing you to build that trust with your clients. We make it easy for you to schedule meetings and appointments online on any iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Your clients will receive automated reminders for appointments! As with all our accounts, you can fully customize your appointment reminders, choose whether to send calls, texts, or emails, and accept responses from your customers.

Appointment Reminders has been helping accountants, tax preparers, and CPAs for many years with client reminders. Our tools allow you to spend more time with your clients and less time scheduling and confirming appointments. Email reminders help your customers show up on time and ready to go. Not only that, but it also leaves a strong impression when a customer sees your message in their inbox. They really appreciated the convenience of it, and they’ll be impressed with your professionalism.

See how easy it is to increase revenue and free up time using our automated text & email appointment reminders.

Increased Revenue

Fewer Headaches

Easily Automated

No-shows cost you money. Text & email reminders have been proven to eliminate 80% of no-shows and no-calls. So for you, that means a boost in revenue of 12% – 28%.

No one likes missing an appointment. They feel bad, you feel annoyed. Appointment Reminders is like a concierge who makes sure everyone has what they need to show up ready.

Automation doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve made Appointment Reminders simple and easy to use. Setup takes less than a minute and your reminders are ready to start sending. Use our templates or customize. It’s that simple.

Make sure your clients & staff get the message and show up

Calling doesn’t work. People screen calls. It’s tricky to check the calendar while on the phone. Texts & emails are less intrusive and more effective.

  • Customizable messages & flexible timing
  • Easy confirmations via text & email
  • Templates make setup easy


Appointments Reminders automatically sends text & email reminders for your appointments, so your clients will be there. Tired of emailing clients who missed a meeting? Try Appointment Reminders for free. There are No Hidden Fees, setup charges, cancellation charges or contracts. All appointment reminder account tiers come with a 30 Day Trial – no credit card needed (up to 30 reminders)

We don’t believe that there is any benefit to holding a company to a contract if the service is not a good fit.  Our high-quality appointment reminder service speaks for itself. We are sure that our services will benefit your company by decreasing no-shows and increasing your customers satisfaction! If for any reason you are unsatisfied, you don’t pay! It’s that simple!

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