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Appointment reminders are a very useful tool for patients. But do you consider your pets to be patients? Maybe you should! As soon as you walk into a vet office with your pet, they are the patient. And like everyone else, they need annual check ups and medicine and a doctor. So why isn’t your vet practice utilizing appointment reminders?

Pets and pet parents who no show

How often do you have a no show or a last minute rescheduled appointment? Or how often do you manually send out annual reminders to pet parents for their pets to get their shots, medicine or check ups? You and your staff can save so much time by using automated appointment reminders. For new puppies who are starting their first round of vaccines, animals that need follow ups, or even test results. Automated appointment reminders can be extremely effective in all of these circumstances.

Your practice may opt to send out a postcard in the mail for reminders. These may only be annual reminders. At that point will your patient even recognize the postcard? Are they still your patient? Consistent communication is key to creating a loyal database of clients.

Here is the perfect example

Worms in dogs are extremely common and they can pick them up at any point in their life. Especially puppies. Since puppies tend to put everything in their mouth, it’s almost inevitable they will end up with hook worms or an intestinal parasite during their puppy-hood.

One of the courses of treatment, depending on the cycle of hookworms, is two rounds of antibiotics. This requires a follow up to the vet to re-test the dog’s stool to make sure the treatment is complete. How many pet owners forget that last step? And how many offices take the time to call the pet owner and remind them to bring in their dog’s stool for testing? It’s few and far between. But if you had an automated appointment reminder created to remind the owner that after 9 weeks they need to come back to complete the treatment, likely they would.

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