Appointment cards have become less effective and are now a thing of the past. Are you still using appointment reminder cards? Have you considered switching to automatic appointment reminders? Read about why you should consider using digital appointment reminders.

Appointment Cards Don’t Work Anymore

What were once used as an appointment reminder that was sent through the mail, has now been replaced by new technology. These cards could also be used as a small reminder that your patient could take with them. However, the chances of your patient losing the card is likely. And while we have a very good post office system, things still get lost in the mail.

Automatic Appointment Reminders Are More Effective

Automatic appointment reminders are also known as digital reminders. These reminders can be in the form of a phone call, text message, or an email. All three of these platforms are more effective in communicating with your patients.

Automatic Appointment Reminders Are Less Expensive

These appointment reminders don’t require paper. This is potentially the best part of automatic appointment reminders. Unlike appointment cards, you won’t need to order paper, business cards, or any other kind of material. Also, programs like is very affordable. With integration options and an easy interface, keeping track of your appointments is easier than ever.

Have you finally replace your appointment cards with automatic appointment reminders? If not, start by signing up for our free trial! Click here to send a free demo to yourself and call us if you need help setting up the integration.

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