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Annual Physical Reminders

We all know we’re supposed to go to the dentist twice a year, and that most of us should get an Annual Physical. Depending on your age, there may be other regular tests or preventative screenings you should get. Even though you know you should go, there’s always some reason not to. Maybe you forgot to take a day off work or schedule the appointment in the first place. Sometimes digging up the doctor’s number is a big enough hurdle when the time comes. Let’s fix that right now. Open your favorite calendar and use this guide to make sure you never miss a checkup or important test again. AppointmentReminders.com can send you a reminder for your Annual Physical by email, text, and call. You won’t have to worry again.

Benefits of Preventive Care

· Decrease your likelihood of getting sick

· Detect chronic illnesses or life-threatening conditions early

· Improve your chances of getting the correct treatment

· Monitor pre-existing conditions

· Reduce the likelihood of developing complications

· Lower health costs overall by avoiding the need for special treatments

· Develop a relationship with your healthcare provider

Preventive Care Measures

There are many different types of preventive examinations and tests that your doctor can administer. Which tests or exams you need to depend on your family history, lifestyle choices, and overall health. Discuss with your doctor to see which means of preventive care they recommend for you. Some of these preventive screenings and tests include:

· Family history counseling

· Physical examination

· Immunization and booster shots

· Blood pressure check

· Cholesterol check

· Body mass index check

· Cancer screenings

· Colonoscopy

· Diabetes test

· Mammograms for women

· Pap smears for women

· Prostate exams for men

· Vision test

· Hearing test

· Dental exam

· Mental health evaluation

For people over 65, the most important preventive care measures are the blood pressure check, dental, vision, and hearing exams. Also, diabetes screening, colonoscopy, and mammogram. Pap smears for women; and prostate exam for men. 

As people age, they are more likely to develop problems with their teeth, hearing, or vision, which is why these screenings are so important. Additionally, people are more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, and cancer as they age. This shows us why preventive care for these conditions is especially important for senior citizens.

You're Annual Physical Reminders

Think back to the last time you had a physical and schedule your next one a year out from then. If it’s been longer than a year, it’s time to schedule one with your doctor, do that first. Then Appointment Reminders will put it on your calendar, complete with your doctor’s address, phone number, and any information you must take with you. Your appointment will be a recurring event. You will get at least one reminder a week or two before the appointment. The reminder you get will be set to call, text, and email you the scheduled appointment. Even if it doesn’t land exactly on your preferred date, it will reschedule a reminder appointment to make sure you go. Check out below, some examples you will receive…

Annual Physical Reminders Templates

Doctor Appointment Reminder Templates
  1. Hi [Patient First Name] – this is a reminder of your upcoming appointment with Dr. Frank/Doctor Name at [Appointment Time] on [Appointment Day]. To reschedule, please call 232-323-2323
  2. Hello! Just a quick reminder from [Doctor or Provider Name] about your appointment on [Appointment Date] at [Appointment Time] Reply 1 to Confirm, 2 to Cancel.
  3. Reminder: You have a consultation/check-up/health screening/eye exam with Dr. Grey at Happy Healthy Clinic tomorrow at [Appointment Time]. Reply 1 to Confirm or call 232-323-2323 to reschedule.
Doctor Recall Appointment Reminders
  1. It’s time for your annual check-up. Schedule time with Dr. Richardson/Doctor Name by calling 232-323-2323 or clicking here [Online Scheduling Link]
  2. We miss you, [Patient Name]! Schedule your annual check-up with Dr. Yang. Call us at 232-323-2323
  3. Can you believe it’s already been a year? Call 232-323-2323 to schedule your annual check-up with Dr. Shepherd.

Reminding your patients to come to your office is easier than ever through our service. Most patients these days even EXPECT you to send them an appointment reminder. In addition, some of your patients may need diagnostic services to prevent a greater health scare down the road. And while patients must be responsible for their own health to a certain extent, health practitioners should make every effort to encourage compliance with their medical recommendations. In addition to appointment reminders, we can also send out screening reminders, annual physical reminders, and more!

No Contracts and No Risk!

  • There are No Hidden Fees, setup charges, cancellation charges or contracts.
  • All appointment reminder account tiers come with a 30 Day Trial – no credit card needed (up to 30 reminders)
  • We don’t believe that there is any benefit to holding a company to a contract if the service is not a good fit.  Our high-quality appointment reminder service speaks for itself.
  • We are sure that our services will benefit your company by decreasing no-shows and increasing your customer’s satisfactionIf for any reason you are unsatisfied, you don’t pay! It’s that simple!
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