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So many businesses can benefit from the holiday season but a lack of marketing can make you miss the opportunity. Automated appointment reminders are a key tool in your marketing throughout the holidays, among a few others listed below. Find out how you can flourish your business this holiday season.

Reminders bring people in

The holiday season is busy for everyone. And among everything that needs to be done some of your clients or patients will need a reminder or two. Whether it’s for a check up, a new appointment, or to encourage new appointments for the holidays, appointment reminders are a great way to communicate this information.

Emails go hand-in-hand with appointment reminders

It’s all about communication with your database. Email is another great tool that effectively communicates with your clients or patients. An email allows more information in one communication instead of a text message. An email is a great follow-up as a second touch-point after sending a text message.

Offer additional benefits

A great way to get new guests into your place of businesses, or encourage loyal clients to come back, is to offer additional benefits. This could be a gift with purchase, A package deal or something that adds a small additional benefit to push purchases. This is the most common sales tactic used during the holidays, which is exactly why you should be using it.

Stay active on social media

Just because you’re busy too doesn’t mean you should stop your own marketing. After all, that’s what this entire article is about! And social media is one of those tools you can’t afford to not use. Don’t neglect using your social media to promote your business and any holiday specials you come up with.

Now is the time to get started on automated appointment reminders by signing up for your 30-day free trial. Give yourself a gift this season by giving you and your staff more time, ease of use and your patients back the convenience of communication. Sign up now.