Video Tutorials

Tutorial 1 : Getting Started / Sending Your First Reminder

Familiarize yourself with our system by learining the basics in this 5 minute video.

Tutorial 2 : Creating and Editing "Reminder Types"

This tutorial will explain how to set up Call, Text, and Email "Reminder Types.

Tutorial 3 : Linking a Google Calendar

Link your Google Calendar to your account in just a few minutes".

Tutorial 4 : Scheduling Reminders Though a Linked Google Calendar

Learn how to schedule appointments through your Google Calendar and have reminders go out automatically.

Tutorial 5 : Import Files

Learn how to upload excel and csv files with your customer and appointment information.

Tutorial 6 : Triggers

Create triggers that will add multiple reminders for an appointment or text/email you when people respond a certain way to the reminders.

Tutorial 7 : Roll a Failed Text Message to a Call

Learn how to set up a trigger to automatically roll your failed text messages to calls.

Tutorial 8 : Custom Fields

Did you know that you have the ability to send custom fields in your reminders? Custom fields are values that may change on an individual basis such as payment amounts, room numbers, etc...

Tutorial 9 : Creating and Sending Spanish Reminders

Learn how to set up and map Spanish reminders to your English reminders.

Tutorial 10 : "Quick-Text" Messages

Learn how to send a quick text message to a distribution list.

For additional videos and tutorials, please visit our YouTube site by clicking this link.