Programming API

Our web-based API allows you to automate data transfers between your company and our site.

You can use our API to create automated jobs to:

  • Upload customer and appointment information to our site.

  • Retrieve appointment reminder results and reponses.

Technical specifications of our API:

  • Our API utilizes http methods that are available through our SECURE web URL.

  • We have VB.NET and C# samples available for you to download for free. These examples utilize microsoft's WebClient class but you are free to use any language and method that you want. You are certainly not limited to these languages or methods.

Common data transfer example utilizing our API:

The following example describes a typical usage of our API.

1. Create a recurring nightly job using VB.NET, C#, Java, or another programming language.

2. Extract data from your data source for patients who have an upcoming appointment.

3. Create a simple .csv file with the information.

4. Upload the file to our site using our API.

5. Retrieve a "Reminder Results" report for the previous day using our API.

6. Parse the results and write them back into your data source.

Our API is available with Professional or Premium accounts.

Click here for more info about our API and to download programming examples.
API Application Programming