Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use my own Appointment Scheduling Software?

Yes! We know you have invested a lot of time and money in your appointment scheduling software. You like it, your staff likes it and knows how to use it, and you have no desire to switch to something new in order to add appointment reminders. We understand that and we specifically created our services with that in mind! Thats why we offer several methods to integrate your existing scheduling software into our site.

What types of appointment reminders do you offer?

We offer Text Message Reminders, Email Reminders, and Phone Call Reminders.

What types of payment do you accept and how am I charged?

You may store your credit card securely with us to be automatically billed monthly or you can receive a monthly invoice via PayPal. We bill at the end of the month since the amount can vary depending on how many reminders you use.
Now accepting PayPal

Can I use my company's branding in my appointment reminders?

Yes! You may include your logo and company colors and origination email address in email reminders and you may include your caller id in our phone call reminders. *Note - this is only available with some account types.

Do you offer appointment reminder services outside the United States?

We offer service in The United States and Canada.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No. You may cancel our service at any time.

Do you integrate with smartphones?

Yes! You can schedule your appointments through the calendar on your smartphone and have it flow through seamlessly to our service.

Can I import my contact list into your appointment reminder service?

Yes! You can upload contact lists from Outlook or Google or create your own.

Do you provide appointment scheduling software?

While we do allow you to schedule appointments directly through our site, we recommend using Google Calendar. You can then easily attach Google Calendar to our service.

Can I send bulk appointment reminders?

Yes! You can create distribution lists with any customers that you choose. Then you can create and schedule appointment reminders to the entire list.

Do you provide a programming API?

Yes! You we provide a secure web URL (https) for you to connect to programatically. We provide samples in C# and althrough you can use any language that you want. *Note - This is only available with some account types.

What kinds of businesses do you support?

Our clients include dentists, doctors, chiropractors, therapists, hairdressers, dealerships, training facilities, salons, auto detailers, real estate agents, restaurants, and consulting firms. Most of the companies that use our service schedule appointments with customers, but many use our service to send out promotions and sales announcements as well.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

In most cases (including medical and mental health appointments), appointment reminders are considered a part of the treatment and therefore are HIPAA compliant. However, you should take care to follow HIPAA guidelines when sending out reminders. This basically means only leaving necessary information in the reminder and not leaving specific information regarding their treatment such as diagnosis or medications. Your information is stored securely and never shared with any 3rd parties. As well, we can provide and/or sign a 'Business Associates Agreement' if your company requires it.
For more info on our HIPAA compliance and to download our BAA, click here
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