4 Ways to Reduce No Shows

Discussing no shows for appointments is like opening a can of worms. There are as many methods to eliminating or reducing no-shows as there are face creams for acne. And many of them work, but the truth is, some work more than others and those are the ones we are going to talk about in this blog! Some of these methods may be considered specific to medical patients, as medicine as the highest no-show rate among all appointment based industries, but these methods can be applied to any industry.

#1: Start tracking why you have no-shows

Many people don’t find out why their client or appointment didn’t show up but if you find out why you might find their reason is something you can avoid in the future. Start tracking your no-shows to look for a pattern to help you eliminate something you might be doing to cause them.

#2: Use a program to send automated appointment reminders to your appointments

This should be an obvious one but so many people are still not using them! Programs such as ours include a free demo or a free trial so you can feel confident about using the program. Once you see the difference it makes you won’t go without it again!

#3: Create an incentive for keeping your appointment

People don’t realize they do this all the time! Think about the last time you made an appointment at a coffee shop, or over lunch, etc. When there is a free meal or coffee involved you are much less likely to miss your appointment and the same goes for everyone else.

#4: Make sure your appointments are happy or they might not show up again

A lot of patients don’t want to show up for a second time if they didn’t leave happy the first time, and that same rule applies to clients. Make sure you are giving the best customer service satisfaction at every appointment.

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