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4 Ways To Improve Your Medical Office

Even the best medical office should strive to improve their practice to avoid a decline in satisfaction, outcome or revenue. Here are 4 easy and effective changes you can make to improve your medical office.

1. Patient Communication

Effective communication goes beyond just talking and listening. There should be mutual respect between your patients and your staff. In fact, communication goes beyond patients coming into and leaving the office. Effective communication includes every communication touch point, including appointment reminders. Your office manager is responsible for setting the tone for the communication throughout the office.

  • Use technology like automated appointment reminders to save staff time and offer a convenient platform for your patients to receive their appointment reminders
  • Establish clear expectations from your employees so your patients can hold them to the same standard
  • Ask for feedback from your employees. You are responsible for giving them the opportunity to be heard and offer suggestions for improvements. After all, who knows better than your own front desk?

2. Offer Time Management Optimization

Have you ever considered offering programs to your staff so they can maximize their time? And as a result, maximize the efficiency of your medical office? This can be related to marketing tasks, admin tasks, patient communication and internal communication. The tools you provide your staff heavily impacts their accomplishments. However, you also need goals. Offering many tools will not be enough. You should also offer complete training, set goals and help them manage your expectations. This is a two way street. But making these improvements can have a significant impact on both staff and patient response.

3. Offer Opportunities for Feedback

You cannot improve your medical office without feedback from others. We mentioned listening to your staff. Their perspective and suggestions could be monumental to improving your practice. However, your patients are also significant. Your patients may have great ideas on how to improve your relationship with them. As a result, you need to offer an outlet to receive that feedback. This can be done through surveys, suggestion cards or simply asking at the end of each appointment. Not only are you catering to your patients’ needs, you are also giving them an opportunity to engage on another level with you and your practice. This creates patient loyalty. The lifeline of any successful practice is a foundation filled with patient loyalty.

4. Improve Patient Flow

This directly ties in with receiving feedback from your patients. Are your patients happy with the patient flow? The patient flow is everything the patient experiences from the moment they contact your office. This includes scheduling an appointment, checking in with the front desk, meeting with a physician, checking out and receiving their bill. This is an entire process that needs to be evaluated regularly. If your patients are not happy with your patient flow they may not come back. Sometimes just one part of the process could hinder the entire experience. Providing high-quality care and excellent customer service will prevent loss of revenue. Patients will very likely continue to come back as long as they have a great experience, from beginning to end.


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