Setting meetings and establishing new contacts is amongst the most challenging tasks for sales personnel. No sale may happen without directly interacting with a potential client. And this may only be possible if you successfully hold a meeting.

There couldn’t be anything more frustrating for sales personnel than a client cancelling their appointments, or even worse, missing meetings.

As an entrepreneur or sales personnel, you are required to be a proficient appointment setter to make the most of your time and ensure that your clients never miss an appointment.

Here are 4 tips for new sales personnel on how they can successfully set appointments and improve their chances of closing the deals.

1.     Avoid Forcing and Try Convincing

Don’t appear needy as if it would be the end of world if the prospect doesn’t accept your invitation to an appointment. If your prospect senses pressure in your tone, they may instantly pull back. However, you should present a valid argument along with using effective motivating techniques to convince the prospect and give them a reason to move to the next stage of the sales funnel.

2.     Present them a Solution, Rather than an Offer

Your prospects may instantly resist if they don’t find benefits in having a one-on-one meeting with you.

Understand what might interest your prospects and present a solution in the first 60 seconds of the conversation. Since your prospect may already be in a defensive position, presenting a tried-and-tested hook within the first 60 seconds can make a huge difference.

3.     Be Mindful About the Time

Even the best of sales pitch may go unnoticed if you reach out to your prospect at inappropriate time. Rather than jumping straight to the point, ask them if they have enough time to talk to potentially make them want to listen.

If they are not available to talk, arrange a more convenient time to call to make your conversation successful.

Offer them a choice of day and time when setting the appointment to ensure that they will not miss it. This will help to prevent any potential no-shows or cancellations.

4.     Confirm the Appointment at Least a Day before the Scheduled Day

Sending out reminders a couple days before the scheduled date can significantly reduce no-show occurrences.You may set an automated appointment reminder system to arrange a courtesy call, a text or an email to confirm that the prospect is still able to attend the meeting.

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