We would be nowhere without the medical innovations that exist today. From lifesavers like chemotherapy to conveniences like the Internet, our world revolves around technology and medicine. Including the unusual ones that are being worked on today! Here are three that you may have never heard heard of and didn’t know you needed… until now.

Improving Aging

Researchers at two prestigious universities have launched research revolved around understanding aging. Through a series of studies over a decade, these scientists are trying to understand the factors that create longevity. Can you imagine if we could find a real way to live longer? These types of medical innovations could be a game changer. Environmental, biological and lifestyle factors are all taken into account.

Male birth control

Birth control is one of the oldest medical innovations that has had a universal impact. Although birth control has always been deemed more so a woman’s responsibility. While there are many products on the market for men, birth control is not one of them. However, in an effort to create more equability, researchers at UW School of Medicine and UCLA are working towards it. A birth control pill for men would provide a novel additional option.

Smart tech saving lives

Researchers are working on smart tech that could save lives. The idea is that this tech would monitor your breathing while you sleep. If the tech identifies any breathing associated with cardiac arrest it would connect with emergency services. Talk about a life changer! This type of smart tech could be useful for all ages. However, it could be especially useful for seniors.

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