A marketing strategy is an important tool when starting a business. But when last did you update your marketing strategy? Likely your consumers are not exactly the same as they were 5 or 10 years ago – and even if they are, the technology they are using isn’t the same. This is especially true if your marketing strategy defines your communication strategy. Here are 3 trending ways you can update your marketing strategy and increase your business.

1. Your marketing strategy needs to match your revenue goals

As your practice grows, so does your revenue goals. Does your marketing and branding align with your current revenue goals or are they behind? One quick way to answer this question is by doing a market analysis to identify how much market share you own vs. how much you want to own. If you don’t know how to do a market analysis you can hire a marketing company to do one for you. Another option is to partner with your office manager and analyze your data to see if you can identify where your marketing by actually be dragging down your revenue potential. This is not an easy task and can be very time consuming, which is why we recommend using a professional.

2. Your “Value Proposition” is no longer a part of the conversation

A true and sure sign of the need for an update is to check your company reputation. An easy avenue for collecting this data is using an appointmentreminders.com system to survey your current clients and non-clients. In fact, you will get more information from target consumers who are not clients. What you want to identify is:

  1. Do you have a strong, positive reputation?
  2. What are your competitors offering that you aren’t?
  3. How does your value proposition align with what your clients need or want?

Programs like AppointmentReminders.com give you the ability to utilize SMS communication for a variety of actions. Whether you want to survey your current patients, cross-sell, or simply promote, this could be a great option.

3. Update your technology

When a practice starts out small you only need a limited set of services or programs to manage your processes. Eventually, you outgrow the existing technology. This could include databases, CRMs, schedules, marketing and advertising channels, etc. Even worse, as your patient base grows, these programs become more inefficient. To keep up with your growing practice you also need programs that can keep up with your needs. In some cases, the same companies or systems you use now just need an upgrade. In other cases, you may need to look for new providers. Either way, do a proper evaluation before making any changes and be sure to consider using a program that has proven to increase business like Appointmentreminders.com.

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