Reduce Appointment No Shows with These 3 Tactics

Patient no-shows are an epidemic. However, medical practices are slowly getting a handle on them using specific tactics to reduce no-shows.

While many may claim to have the solution, the fact is some solutions yield much higher results than others. The most effective solutions are the ones you want to use anyways.

In this blog we’ve listed and detailed the top 3 tactics to reduce appointment no shows in your practice, free up precious staff time, and increase revenue.

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#1 - Focus On Your Patient

Offices will often choose programs that cater to the staff or the practitioners more then their patients. As a result, the staff might have it easier but the patients end up dealing with the headache. Simple tasks such as scheduling, canceling or rescheduling an appointment can become a problem. Choose programs that cater to both your office and your patients, but especially your patients.

Things that you should consider when vetting programs or software are things like:

  • Will this increase or decrease patient satisfaction?
  • Is this an easy transition for my patients?
  • How will this change affect my existing patients or new patients?
  • Is there any chance I could lose patients with this change?
  • Will this change bring in new patients?

#2 - Remind Your Patients to Come In

These days, patients pretty much expect to be reminded of their appointments. If you don’t remind them, they may not know for sure if you still have them scheduled to come in. Utilizing low cost appointment reminder software like ours is really one of the best ways to do this!

Appointment reminders can directly decrease your no-shows. Studies have shown SMS reminders to be the most effective appointment reminder. These reminders can require your patients to interact, confirm their appointment, or offer annual reminders.

Our appointment reminder service make utilizing appointment reminders very easy by offering excellent pricing. Take a look here!

Not only will you reduce appointment no shows but you will also be giving your patients peace of mind by letting them know that you still have them scheduled for an appointment.

#3 - The Rule of Reciprocity

The rule of reciprocity is one of the governing rules of human motivation. It states that if you give something to someone they feel obligated to return the favor. By focusing on the patient first, your patients will thank you. This could in turn lead to referrals, positive reviews, or other additional business for your practice.  

Yes, it’s common sense probably to most people.  But sometimes things like this can get overlooked in a busy office with a busy schedule. Slow down just a little bit and take some extra time with your patients. This not only goes for the doctor, but also anyone on your staff who has interactions with your patients.

At the very least, your patients will be grateful that you spent the time to make sure they were well cared for.

Reduce Appointment No Shows in Your Practice

Implement these 3 tactics today and you are guaranteed to reduce appointment no shows. Start small with a focus on the big picture. Maybe get some input from staff members as well. Many times, the people that have the most contact with patients may have great ideas but are afraid to share them. Make sure to listen to your staff!

For lots of other helpful advice as well as updates on features, new technology, and more, visit our blog!

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