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3 Tactics to Reduce No-Shows

Patient no-shows are an epidemic. However, medical practices are slowly getting a handle on them using specific tactics to reduce no-shows. While many may claim to have the solution, the fact is some solutions yield much higher results than others. The most effective solutions are the ones you want to use anyways. In this blog we’ve listed and detailed the top 3 tactics to reduce no-shows in your practice, free up precious staff time, and increase revenue.

Focus on your patient

Often offices choose programs that cater to the staff or the practitioners more then their patients. As a result, the staff might have it easier but the patients end up dealing with the headache. Simple tasks such as scheduling an appointment virtually can become a problem. Choose programs that cater to both your office and your patients, but especially your patients.

Reminders are extremely important

Appointment reminders can directly decrease your no-shows. Studies have shown SMS reminders to be the most effective appointment reminder. These reminders can require your patients to interact, confirm their appointment, or offer annual reminders. Companies like make utilizing appointment reminders very easy by offering excellent pricing. Take a look here!

The Rule of Reciprocity

The rule of reciprocity is one of the governing rules of human motivation. It states that if you give something to someone they feel obligated to return the favor. Because you control the wp-content of your reminders, you can utilize this rule into your patient communication. Use this to reinforce the importance of showing up.