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When you started your practice, did you ever consider building a communication strategy? In some cases, your marketing strategy will automatically include a communication strategy. And even then, if you have grown, then likely you have also outgrown your communications strategy. Here are 3 signs you’ve outgrown your communications strategy and you need a new one.

1. Your Communications Strategy is not aligned to your future revenue streams

As your practice grows, so does your revenue goals. Does your marketing and branding align with your current revenue goals or are they behind? One quick way to answer this question is by using market analysis. If you don’t know how to do a market analysis you can hire a marketing company to do one for you. Through this service you can learn how much market share is available, how much you own, and how much you want to own. And based on that information you can assess your current marketing initiatives. You can also use this to identify other areas you should be expanding into.

Your Value Proposition is no longer creating conversion

A true and sure sign of the need for an update is your conversion rate. For example, maybe your email marketing was an efficient way of converting your patients into larger revenue channels through cross-selling. And now it’s not. The same could be said for how you are communicating with your patients. Maybe it’s not your message that needs to change but the communication platform you are using for that message. Programs like AppointmentReminders.com give you the ability to utilize SMS communication for a variety of actions. Whether you want to survey your current patients, cross-sell, or simply promote, this could be a great option.

Too many of your customers are draining your resources

When a practice starts out small you only need a limited set of services to manage your patients. This could include databases, marketing and advertising channels, etc. But as your patient base grows, these programs become more inefficient. To keep up with your growing practice you also need programs that can keep up with your needs. In some cases, the same companies or systems you use now just need an upgrade. In other cases, you may need to look for new providers. Either way, do a proper evaluation before making any changes.