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3 Easy Ways To Stay Safe During The New Year

Now that the holiday season is drawing to an end, some are concerned about what the holiday traveling could mean for the pandemic. Even with good intentions and safety protocols, risks increase during the holiday season. And more so as you contemplate celebrating the New Year at a gathered event. Here are three very easy steps you can implement right now to increase your business’ safety and decrease your risk.

new year

Don’t be lenient

This is not the time to be lenient with your safety protocols. Yes, difficult patients make enforcing new protocols challenging. But now more than ever you have to insist on them. As more people travel (and gather) for the holidays, chances of COVID-19 increase. As a result, you may also need to increase your actions. This could mean wiping down surfaces even more often, really enforcing the face mask inside, or insisting on the six feet seperation. Let’s be honest – even when these protocols are in place not everyone follows them. However, if it’s your practice, then it’s up to you to ensure that everyone follows your rules. Make sure your staff feels empowered to do what they need to do for everyone’s safety.

Use virtual platforms in the new year

After the Thanksgiving break, all university classes transitioned online because they don’t want the students traveling and then gathering. It was a very smart move and one that many of us can implement. By now, you should already have virtual options in place. Encourage your patients to use these virtual options when possible. Request for patients to wait in their cards instead of inside your lobby. These littles steps can make a big difference.

Get creative with your celebration

Do you usually buy holidays gifts for your staff or clients? This is the year to be creative! Shop small business (like as much as you can to support families. Get gifts that can be used to promote health and safety. And most importantly, don’t forget to give your essential workers a break!

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